PHP Randomizing

Free and open source PHP Randomizing Scripts. Random Text, Random Images, Random Links scripts can be found in this category.
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    Simple class to generate random passwords on the fly. You can specify the minimum length, maximum length, and an array of characters to use in the constructor.
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    PWGen creates random character passwords, and outputs them to text, html, or as images. It also provides a demo of image verification code ala Yahoo account sign up.
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    Password Generate is a simple class that can generate random password strings that satisfies agiven criteria.The generated password has a given length and may include an optional user defined prefix, upper case letters, lower case letters, digits and special symbols.
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    RTRandomImage is a very simple php script that loads a random image with a choosen text. Doesn't requires mysql to run.
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    A random script that ensures to pick only out of the entires that exist in the table. CzarRand compiles an array of the entries currently in the table, then selects a random entry from that array. CzarRand is very fast, and works with anything you can put in a MySQL database, including HTML tags such as links and images.
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