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Free and open source PHP Randomizing Scripts. Random Text, Random Images, Random Links scripts can be found in this category.
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    Random Lib can be used to pick a random item from a collection. It can add to a collection of items that can be values of any type: strings, numbers, objects, etc.. Each item may have a probability weight.Random Lib can pick one or more random items from the collection. When picking multiple items it may allow repetition of the ...
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    Password can be used to generate passwords based on rules. It can generate one or more passwords with a given length.By default the passwords contain 75% letters and 25% digits. The case of the letters may be lower, upper or mixed. The generated passwords may be excluded so they do not match words listed in a dictionary file.
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    Picture of the Day can be used to show a different pictures every day.Picture of the Day can show one or more pictures per page. Each picture file picked randomly from one or more directories.The listed images can be cached.
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    Random Word can be used to generate a random readable word. It can generate a word of a given length starting with a consonant followed by alternating vowels and consonants to make the generated word more readable.The generated word may be adjusted to include lower case letters, upper case letters, or have only the first letter in upper case.
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    Lucky Strike can be used to generate and manipulate random text strings. It can generate random text strings based on a specification format that determines whether the string should lower or upper case vowels and consonant letters, and even or odd numbers. It can also pick a random text or number from an array, or a semi-random value from the ...
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    Feed2Html is a free PHP script that converts data from RSS to HTML. If you already have an RSS feed, just install this script to your site. You will be amazed how convenient it will become to publish news. The Feed2Html script updates web-pages on-the-fly and makes sure that information from your RSS feeds is ready to be processed by ...
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    Generate Number Code is a very simple class that can be used to generate random numbers.Generate Number Code can generate a number with a fixed number of digits. Optionally it may return the number as a string padded with spaces or zeros.
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    Concurrent Code Rotator can pickup a random text from multiple random alternatives. The text may be code in PHP, HTML, Javascript, etc., for instance to serve rotating advertisements.Concurrent Code Rotator uses special random number generation algorithm which allows to control the frequency and probability of appearance per working cycle.
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    Alternate text is meant to extract a random text string from a string that defines a set of possible combinations of words. It is supposed to be used to generate variations of a message that can be refreshed dynamically.Just try this combination definition "(hello|bye(world|(sweet|)home|moon)" to see the multiple variations of text strings that the script generates.
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    randomWord class makes a random 'readable' word (currently english-only).randomWord is useful if you want to randomly generate passwords that your user can read and remember (instead of giving them a bunch of numbers). Some examples: Huchafo, Pequizu, Zequiju, Chomoxy.
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    JPPassClass is a simple class that can generate a random text made of characters of multiple possible characters sets. It can be used for instance to generate random passwords.The supported characters may be made of either only lower case letters, only upper case characters, only digits, or a combination of any of these three character sets.The generated random text may ...
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    Guid is a simple script that meant to generate text values that may be used as global unique identifiers (GUID).The GUID values are generated from random seed numbers, the local computer network host name and the local time. The resulting value is digested with MD5 algorithm.
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    UID scripts is a simple class for generating a unique identifier using the SHA1 algorithm to compute a digest from the combination of several unique and random text values.UID scripts uses the current timestamp with microseconds, Mersenne Twister random number generator, remote port number, remote IP address, remote user agent, URI and script path to generate a 40 character unique ...
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    Random Password Generator will help the programmer to create a randomly generated Password for there user. It will return a PASSWORD which will be strong.Random Password Generator just takes as parameter the length of the password string to be generated.
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    Advanced Randomizer is able to retrieve items added to a list based on the probability of occurrence associated to each item.Advanced Randomizer is useful for making sorting content to be served randomly, such as a advertising banner system on which different advertisements have distint levels of priority, but all of them must be displayed.
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