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Free and open source PHP Quote Display Scripts. Easy way to make a Quotations on your website. Even text, images type or any content you can imagine provide in these scripts.
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    iYell is a PHP quote display script that offer to your visitors the ability to the world, and publish it on your main page. They can write a text, add a photo taken by webcam a link. As much easy as open: website and script under copyleft license.
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    CJ Random Qcan can be configured to show the quotes from a text file in sequential order. All you have to do to install it is upload a few files and create an insert on your page, the script will run in ssi pages as well as php. This script is great if your struggling for ideas of page content ...
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    CXRandom is a very simple php script who display random text. You can write HTML code and display it random at each refresh of the page. It is a good method to display banners or text links in rotation How to setup it?Simple open file "cxrandom.php" with a text editor (example: Notepad). Then modify current 5 quotes examples. You can ...
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    NewsBox can be used to display random news items store in a file. It reads a file with multiple news items separated with a special character sequence. NewsBox shuffles the news items and makes them appear in a HTML scrolling on marquee.
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    Quotations Database, PHP & MySQL application that stores quotations and author information, allows scheduling for 'quote of the day' and weekly themes.Database search function is also included. An administration interface allows for easy updates and maintenance.
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