PHP Poll & Voting

Free and open source PHP Polls & Voting Scripts. These scripts bring you a easy way to make Polls and Voting system included image, text, flash types for you website.
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    Vote for IT! is a voting system written using PHP that doesn't require any SQL. Features: - the results are displayed graphically, - easy to use admin area, - IP-lock (last user), - manipulate the results, - edit the template. Note:The script is in german.
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    Vz Poll is a poll script with customizable width, colours, and text. You can easily create or modify your poll from the admin page. No database is required , data are stored in txt files.
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    Tapps is an advanced PHP poll system.Features of Tapps: - single and multiple answers possible, - optional referer check, - optional IP locking, - optional cookie check (including an option to force the user to accept the cookie),- optional email confirmation, - database backend,- paranoiac user input validation, - a nice admin interface.
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    PHP Poll is a single question voting system for your web site. Features of PHP Poll: - View results without voting, - Uses a text file for data handling, - Display the results in a graphical mode, and more.
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