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Free and open source PHP Polls & Voting Scripts. These scripts bring you a easy way to make Polls and Voting system included image, text, flash types for you website.
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    Voter is an example class that can manage a survey to let users vote on colors. The class updates a file after each vote to stores the count of each survey option.Voter can present the results of the servey as colored images with the name of each option and the respective result number as a percentage. Sessions are used to ...
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    Draw stars for polls system can be used to present the results of poll systems on which the generated percentage bars represent relative values of each poll choice. It comes in two versions: one for drawing large stars and another for small stars.Several presentation details may be configured like the star colors the number of starts to present for 100% ...
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    dvote class can be used to implement a poll voting system. It can present the poll form, process the votes and present the results.The class uses a configuration file in a .ini file to define a poll question and the possible answers.The total number of poll votes and each answer vote count is stored in the same .ini file that ...
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    Simple Mini Poll is meant to create online surveys. It lets you create Web based polls with a single question for which the users can only pick one answer of multiple answers. There is no limit of possible answers per poll.The poll questiom, the possible answers and the respective vote count are store in MySQL database tables.The system does not ...
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    1979 total visits is an entirely free poll & voting system for your website. It was developed using PHP,Mysql & Ajax. An installation script & easy to use admin control panel will have you placing polls on your website within minutes of your download finishing.
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    MM Top Ranking is a ranking system of specified items (may be persons, scripts, companies, etc.). There are two basic lists included in the system, one where the items are included by admin only, and the other where the registered members can suggest new items to be ranked. The rank is based on votes. The length of time between two ...
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    Voting system allows you to create polls. You have admin panel, where you can create new polls, see old results of polls. Easy installation. You need mysql database.
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    AJAX Poll can be used to present and process a poll without reloading the page where it appears. It uses an HTML template to present the poll page. The poll options appear as radio buttons in a place determined by the template.AJAX Poll also generates the necessary Javascript to submit the poll votes to the server and present the current ...
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    mysurvey is made to make surveys, vote and show the results.
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    Fpoll v1.0 is designed to be the simplest and most easy customizable open source web poll script. The script uses PHP and MySQL, and can be set up in only a few minutes. Add the poll to any page in your site by simply including the poll.php file!
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    The Amazing Little Picture Poll is a simple to set-up and easy to configure picture voting script. It's big brother, LittlePoll has been around for five years and works like a charm - it's proven technology. Little Picture Poll has recently been updated, the original version has been around for two years. More than 7.000 people have downloaded and installed ...
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    PHP Voting SYSTEM is a script written in PHP which use TXT files to save results. It works without MySQL database. It contains an full admin modul, where you can change colors, fonts, sizes. You can place an image into... if you want. This script is very easy to install. You just upload all the files to the server, and ...
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    MZsurvey is a small library for creating self customoized surveys and polls with adding two lines of code. CSS support. Many surveys on one page. Vote ending date support.
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    The Amazing Little Poll is a very simple php Poll application. It uses a flat file to store voting scores. It's very easy to set up, and easy to customize. Cookies are used to prevent users from voting twice. Now around for five years with over 34.000 users. Multiple updates are also available - all for free!
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    MP Poll is a great voting script with multiple polls, Easy to add more polls through the admin area, easy to install, uses MySQL.
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