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Free and open source PHP Networking Tools Scripts. Scripts about Networking Tools such as HTTP, DNS, Whois, Traceroute in this category.
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    Class to execute the basic commands of a FTP client program. It provides fast access to both the local and remote operations.
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    Pure PHP syslog client can be used to log data to a RFC 3164 compliant syslog facility server. Syslog class is an implementation in PHP following the RFC 3164 rules. Using this class, it is possible to send syslog messages to external servers.Pure PHP syslog client establishes an UDP connection to syslog facility server given its IP address. Then it ...
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    IP Address Subnet Sniffer can be used to determine weather a given IP address belongs to a given list of subnetworks. The class takes an array of subnetwork masks to be checked in the form of strings with decimal numbers seperated dots.Then IP Address Subnet Sniffer can check whether a given IP address belongs to any of the specified subnetworks ...
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    Mrasnika's URL validator is meant to validates HTTP and FTP URLs. Mrasnika's URL validator can also parse the URLs and extract their component parts:- Protocol- User and password- Domains and sub-domain- TLD (top level domain)- Port- Path- QueryComposite parts:- Domain_name (domain tld)- Host (sub_domain(s) domain tld)- Sub-domains array- Path array
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    CIDR Table is meant to manipulate CIDR network addresses. The CIDR table class takes a network address that is stored in the form of an array of bits.CIDR Table may convert the CIDR address into the format of decimal numbers separated of dots. It may also display the address using an HTML table.
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    Bouncer Query can establish a TCP/IP connection with a remote server of a given IP address using a bouncer server to relay the connection.Bouncer Query establishes the connection with the bouncer server using the supplied user name and password. Then you can send commands to the remote server using this connection with the bouncer server.
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    Team Speak Admin Class is meant to provide a means to administrate Team Speak voice chat servers remotely.With Team Speak Admin Class you can add or remove Team Speak servers. You can also grab several types of statistics like players on a specified server or wasted bandwidth.
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    Storeip class allows you to store ip-addresses in a database. You will need a field type of Char(15). This class let's you store the ipnumbers as an integer ( between -2139062144 and 2139062143).Storeip has two functions:- decode ip->number- encode number->ipBoth functions return false for empty or wrong ip-numbers.While using this class you will spare typical 11 bytes for every ipnumber ...
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    Source RCON Class implements a TCP based client that acts as a remote console - RCON - class for sending commands to control game variables of Counter-String Source and other games using a Source Dedicated Server - SRCDS.
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    Mail Server Info can lookup a DNS to determine the addresses of the SMTP servers of a given domain. It works in all platforms including Windows, Linux and other Unix systems.
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    Allow to read ModbusTCP compatible devices direct with PHP without third package.
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    WhoIs This can obtain information about a domain by querying a whois server.WhoIs This is looks at the domain name to determine its top level domain and then queries the whois server is responsible for that domain executing the whois program.A debugging class is also included in this package.
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    Expired Domain Class allows one to easily query the whois database and returns the information for a specific domain name. It also automatically retrieves the secondary whois server and allows one to easily query that as well.
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    Cisco Config Copy is a class is meant to perform backups of a Cisco router configuration files to a TFTP server using SNMP.Cisco Config Copy is recommended to use the class with some infrastructure information source, like for instance a database, that has the details of the network to perform the backups of configuration of all the relevant Cisco routers.
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    .BD whois lookup can query a whois database to retrieve the information about a domain from Bangladesh (TLD .BD). It retrieves and parses a page of a site that provides a Web interface to make whois queries for Bangladesh domains.
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