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Free and open source PHP Networking Tools Scripts. Scripts about Networking Tools such as HTTP, DNS, Whois, Traceroute in this category.
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    Net_Sieve enables you to talk to the timsieved server that comes with Cyrus IMAP.This means you can install, list, update and set active Sieve scripts. It requires the Net_Socket class, which in turn relies on the PEAR library. It has only been tested with Cyrus 2.0.16.
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    mabp::request can be used for validating the values of HTTP request variables such as $_GET, $_POST, $_REQUEST, $_COOKIE, etc..mabp::request can validate request values against a list of expected type values like : integers, decimal numbers, booleans, alphanumeric text, HTML text, arrays, etc..Invalid variables may be replaced with default values. The class throws an exception for invalid variables without a default ...
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    IP_to_country class can be used to determine the country of an IP address using the Whois service. It connects to an Whois server and queries the information associated to a given IP address.If country information is available, IP_to_country class returns an array with the country code, country name and the file name of the country flag.
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    maxIrcBot can be used to create a robot to access IRC channels. It can login to an IRC server with authenticating with a given user name and password.maxIrcBot can join channels, send messages, reply to users and define actions to execute as IRC commands. It can be extended with separate plug-in classes to implement new actions.
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    Enom API can be used to manipulate domain registration records using the Enom Web services API. Currently Enom API can perform the following actions:- Check availability of a domain- Register a domain- Renew a domain- Transfer a domain- Get or set the DNSof a domain- Get the expiry date of a domain- Protect the identification of the owners of a ...
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    This PHP class IRC Connection Class offers the opportunity to connect to an IRC Server via PHP. It is not written for a special version of PHP or OS.Theoretically you can use IRC Connection Class everywhere. The problem is to make the class compatible to all existing IRC Daemons.
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    ABG_SMTPMail can be used to send e-mail messages using the SMTP protocol.It consists of three variants of the same class, two of which are versions of the main class with less features.The main class supports authentication, sending messages to multiple recipients using To or Cc headers, validate an e-mail address checking the syntax or checking the destination SMTP server.
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    Bf_Download can be used to serve files for download.It can hide the original file path on the server, serve files partially, resume partial downloads, serve files with a different name and limit the download data transfer rate.
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    SMTP E-mail sending class connects to a SMTP mail server to send messages.Features of SMTP E-mail sending class:- Relaying message delivery to a programmer defined SMTP server.- Programmer defined server address, server port, connection timeout, origin host address.- Support for authentication methods PLAIN and LOGIN.- Support for POP3 based authentication before delivery.- Direct delivery to one or more recipients with ...
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    MicroPHP Mail Checker can be used to check the e-mail messages using the PHP IMAP extension to access a mailbox with the IMAP or POP3 protocols.Functions of MicroPHP Mail Checker:- Open a mailbox- Retrieve the number of messages stored in the mailbox- Retrieve the sender address, recipient address, date, size and subject of all messages into an array- Retrieve the ...
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    domain returns the whois information an checks the availability of at least 270 different top level domains.Also it validates the domains name(Thought have been given to the new IDN special chars). CNO WHOIS informations where returned completely.First translate the domain and the check it normally with the domain class.
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    HTTP Retriever can be used to access Web servers using the HTTP protocol.HTTP Retriever supports:- HTTP specification version 1.1- Submit HTTP requests of method GET, POST or custom- Access sites via SSL using PHP OpenSSL extension or CURL- HTTP basic authentication- Handle redirection automatically- Cache retrieved pages for a given period- Invoke callback functions during the connection progressProvides a pure-PHP ...
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    Client Socket is a wrapper to establish client network connections. It supports Unix domain, UDP and TCP connections. It can handle IP V4 and V6 connection.Client Socket can establish a socket connection to a given host and port. It can also send and receive data.
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    Qserv can be used as a base to create TCP socked based networking servers. It can handle connection requests and calls event handling functions that maybe overridden by subclasses to implement server application specific behavior.Qserv provides the event handling functions: onincomming, onaccept, onclose, onstart, onshutdown and onstartlisten. Alternatively, it can also call application defined callback functions to handle server events.
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    Socket handler can be used to implement TCP/IP clients using socket connections. It can establish persistent and non-persistent connections to a server with a given IP address and port. The connection timeout period is configurable.Socket handler can send and receive data from the server. The server response can be retrieved line by line or in data chunks of variable size. ...
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