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Free and open source PHP Networking Tools Scripts. Scripts about Networking Tools such as HTTP, DNS, Whois, Traceroute in this category.
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    Users Online by IP can store in a file the last time an user of a given IP address accessed the site. The number of unique IP addresses registered in the last 60 minutes is being returned.Requirements:PHP 3.0 or higher
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    First PHP Cron Daemon starts a daemon process using Luca Mariano's PHP fork class to make the cron daemon script run like a standalone program.PHP Cron Daemon can parse a crontab file with Mick Sear's cron parser class and extract the job scheduling definitions into a MySQL database table.When it is time to run a scheduled job, it executes the ...
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    floSocket can be used to implement simple TCP socket server connections. It can listen to TCP connections to a given IP address and port.When a new connection requested or closed or new data arrives to the specified TCP port, it can invoke configurable callback functions to let the behavior of the TCP server script be customized.floSocket handles connection events by ...
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    SuperSocket listens for TCP connections on multiple ports, originating from different IP addresses.SuperSocket starts a loop that handles socket events and calls optional callback functions that may be used by applications to implement TCP servers.Requirements:PHP 4.0.7 or higher
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    cHTTP can be used to send HTTP GET and POST requests to an HTTP server.Functions of cHTTP:- Download data from the HTTP server using the GET or POST methods- Add form fields values to POST requests- Get and set cookies- Set the request referer URLThe cHTTPMultiPart class extends cHTTP to make it possible to upload fields through multipart/form-data parts.
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    What is your IP address and your IP address location? Show your IP address using with script along with map.
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    Copy directory include subdirectories and files, and set correct CMOD. Connecting servers ftp2ftp, if not access rsync, SSH. Advanced statistics. Improved stability. Multiuser. Report to file (tree directory, stat). Only one PHP file 20kb. Perfect tool :).
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    To upload files which have changed to your production server , automating the task of comparing which files have changed. You simply create a FTP job in the script , run the job and it will upload the changed files for you.
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    smb4php is an interface to Windows networks for PHP. You will be able to access shared resources using URL like 'smb://user:pass@server/s hare/path'.
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    MultiCurl class library is a solution for work with MULTI CURL PHP extension.MultiCurl class library provides to execute some parallel HTTP requests with limit of downloaded size. Example: start 100 downloads with 2 parallel sessions, and get only first 100 Kb per session.
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    phpIP2Country can be used to determine the country of a given IP searching in an IP range database. It accesses a SQL database that has a table with the countries associated to each known IP range.The IP address to check is searched to determine which IP range it belongs. If its IP range is found, the class returns the associated ...
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    Client and Server Socket can be use to implement generic TCP/IP clients and servers. It can create client and server sockets for connections using TCP and UDP protocols under IPv4, IPv6 and UNIX domain.The client class can establish connections to a given address and port, send and retrieve data. The server class can accept connections to a given local port.There ...
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    LDAP class can be used to access and manipulate data in servers accessible using the LDAP protocol. It can connect to a given LDAP server, optionally with TLS to use a secure connection.LDAP class can perform general directory searches or restrict the search to a given directory sub-tree or just one directory level. It can also add, remove or modify ...
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    Portscan is a simple class that can be used to check whether TCP/IP ports are opened for connection. It attempts to connect to a given port of a machine in the Internet with a given IP address.Portscan returns the information of whether the machine accepted the connection within a given timeout period. It comes with a separate script with a ...
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    BDecode can be used to parse and extract metadata from BitTorrent files.BDecode can read a BitTorrent file and extract the values of several types of properties into an array, like the files name and length, creator, creation date, file pieces, etc.
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