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Free and open source PHP Networking Tools Scripts. Scripts about Networking Tools such as HTTP, DNS, Whois, Traceroute in this category.
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    Proxy List can be used to download and parse a fresh proxy server list from the Proxy 4 Free site. It takes only valuable information from html file echo to get random proxy from the list. This PHP script can also pick a random proxy server address of from the retrieved list.
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    ADV-Samba can be used to scan resources made available by SMB shares. It uses the smbclient program to query the resources shared by a computer via the SMB protocol in a network given its IP address. This script can also be used to parse the smbclient program response and retrieves the list of shares and the type of shared resources, ...
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    PHP AGI can be used to control an Asterisk VOIP instance. It can connect to the network interface of an Asterisk instance running on a given IP address and port and send commands to control Asterisk. Currently it can send commands to control options such as the hangup timeout, set the monitoring file of a channel, monitor a channel, control ...
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    Stachl Ping can be used to send ping requests to hosts with the ping command. It can execute the ping command to make it send a given number of ICMP requests to a given host computer. The script parses the output of the ping command to retrieve the minimum, maximum and average round trip times. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or Higher
  5. Proxy Test
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    This class is meant to scan a network to detect the existence of open proxies vulnerable to eventual abuse from spammers.It is a PHP version of a class originally written in Perl by Chip Rosenthal.It can perform all of the scan tests that are in the original version. The only functions that are missing from the original script are those ...
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    PHP class for whois queries, can query the correct whois server for domain names, ip addresses and AS handles and returns data in a structured array.
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    It uses the PHP FTP extension to establish a connection to a given server on behalf of a given user using his password. Files can be uploaded with names different from their original ones, to a specified directory on the server. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    It listens for TCP connections on a specified IP address and port. When a client browser connects to the specified port, the class handles the connection request, forks a new process to retrieve request data, parse the request, and generates the response. Currently it can handle requests for static files or requests to be handled by PHP scripts. The class ...
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    ANN Router can be used to simulate the decision of routing packets of information to reach a given network destination. It trains a neural network to be able to determine which of the available outbound ports on a network origin node can deliver information packets faster to a given network destination node.
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    This php script can either be used as a stand alone app or can be integrated with common cms apps like phpnuke. It is a complete application that allows the monitoring of open soruce ftp server mirror. It is mainly intended for website admins.
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    CECID is a PHP script designed to anonymize and cloak HTTP requests on restrictive connections that have been blocked by firewalls at work, school, or anywhere that restricts or monitors internet access..CECID is run on a remote, unrestricted server, and accesses pages for users, editing the page's source in realtime to evade content filtering software. You can use it to ...
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    This PHP class generate valid NIC MAC addresses. It generates an string that can be used as a valid MAC address for a network device.
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    POP3 PHP class provides an interface to the POP3 protocol with full support including APOP authentication. It provides both command based methods (eg _cmdUser() )as well as more abstract methods (eg getMessage() ).Documentation is provided in the form of an example script which demonstrates all of the abstract methods.To use it successfully you will need to also have the Socket ...
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    P2P Network can be used to manage a networking application with registered members and their network of friends.Features of P2P Network:- Retrieve all registered members- Retrieve all members in the network of friends of an user- Retrieve all members that are currently online- Search for members according to given criteria
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    PHP Multiplexed I/O is loosely based on the selectable channels implementation from Java's NIO package. Streams can be created to access files and network servers or accept connections from network clients.The streams can be set to non-blocking mode, so this package can manage the access to data read or written to multiple streams simultaneously. PHP Multiplexed I/O can register selectors ...
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