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    With wordgraph you can show how popular or hot are items, products, some keywords and categories etc. It is easy to implement script and which shows words with different sizes according to how popular/hot they are.Features of Wordgraph:- Can be easily modified- Use data from 1 table or multiple tables- Select for what you want to show Wordgraph
  2. Git.php
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    This is a PHP script to interact with the Git source code control system. It's a PHP interface for running Git commands on a repository. Runs git commands using proc_open, not exec or the type, therefore it can run in PHP safe mode.A CodeIgniter version is also included (CI_Git.php).Features of Git.php:- Open repo- Create repo- Add files- Clone- Clean- Branch ...
  3. IMDb Scraper
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    This is a PHP script for scrapping IMDb pages. All scrapped data is retrieved as an array. The array can then be manipulated and processed by other functions, for embedding the data in a desired format on a web page or app.
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    This PHP Script aims to solve a simple linear DC electrical network using the nodal analysis method. It can take as parameters the definition of nodes and connections between nodes of an electric circuit that maybe resistances, voltage and current sources.Nodal Analysis script performs the nodal analysis caculations solving equations to determine the voltage difference vetween nodes.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or ...
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    A Complete Online King James Bible for your Website. Help us spread thy Word with our integrated Social Networking Tools. Easily syndicate what you have learned while reading the Bible with others on Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Digg, YouTube?, Google, Yahoo, AOL, ASK, etc. Added Twitter API Support, Added Twitter Shout Box to Footer. Also, with our "Bookmark & Share" button ...
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    FLP - short for Flaimo's little package, is a collection of PHP classes. At the moment it contains following classes: iCalendar, i18n (internationalization), vCard, Cache, RSS Builder, Atom Builder, ReloadPreventer, Ticker (a SMS/E-Mail Shoutbox/Guestbook) and Thumb.
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    Mklib.php is a set of libraries created to make building web applications with PHP easier. Common functions are collected and put in these libraries, such as processing data before inserting into a database or formatting date/time strings for display.Assuming you have PHP installed and running properly. To use the library all you need to do is "include" or "require" it ...
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    Scriptatype:PHP is based on the Ruby on Rails plugin "Winn Scriptatype:Rails" this php class works withScriptaculous and Prototype. Scriptatype:PHP is an easy class to start using, just include the winnscriptatype class and the two javascript librarys. Then make the php call and your done!
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    Phirehose is a library constructed as a single, simple, abstract PHP class with all the functionality. Key features of Phirehose:- Provide a simple interface to the Twitter Streaming API for PHP applications.- Comply to Streaming API recommendations for error handling, reconnection, etc.- Encourage well-behaved streaming API clients.- Operate independently of PHP extensions (ie: shared memory, PCNTL, etc).- Handles connection/authentication to ...
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    With API Library, HTTP requests are sent to the API on behalf on an authorized user in order to perform various types of content manipulation operations. API Library can list site pages, add page content, add image to a photo album, add blog entry, list files, get file information, upload file and rename file. Requirements: PHP 5.0 ...
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    Letzlink is a simple application written by to manage in a single place weblinks login names and passwords. Letzlink was primarily written to run on local applications ( like Xampp ) or in LAN Systems. Letzlink includes Print and PDF Manager and is designed to run without any Database. Released under Creative Commons GPLV2.
  12. True Color Picker 2
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    This class can be used to present a palette to let the user pick colors.It is an evolution of the first version of the class that includes enhancements such as displaying a little circle showing the current color, two arrows pointing the position of the selected base color, 3 color panes, and memorize the last picked positions.
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    This PHP Script is designed to process RGB triplets and CSS colors. You can convert CSS to RGB triplets with this script, the opposite works too. Key Features of RGB / CSS Color Process:- Light up, darken, and saturate colors.- Increment, decrement, extract RGB components.
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