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    Probabilistic is a script to perform several types of common calculations used in probabilistic analysis.Probabilistic can calculate:- Average- Variance- Standard deviation- Poisson density and distribution- Hypergeometric density and distribution- Binomial density and distribution- Normal density and distribution (Gauss curve).Probabilistic also has functions to calculate:- Factorial of a number- Combinations o two numbers- Interpolation- The area and Z values in the ...
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    Simplifica is a script that implements the Quine-McCluskey's tabular method for simplifying boolean expressions. It computes the canonical form of an expression.Simplifica is useful for teaching students how to simplify expressions using an iterative method, instead of Karnaugh, and how boolean algebra may be applied for solving the problem.
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    Roman Numeral Conversion can convert decimal numbers to Roman representation and vice-versa.
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    Calculator can be used to perform simple mathematical operations.Currently Calculator can:- Add, subtract, multiply and divide numbers- Find roots of an equation, if any- Base calculations- Simple geometrical calculations for circles and triangles- Fractional notation of a number
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    This Math Script containing only one function numconv($systemin, $systemout, $number, $length). With this function you can convert a value from one number system to another. For example hexadecimal to decimal or octal to binary or five-system to six-system. Any combination is possible.
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