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Free and open source PHP scripts about Math related classes
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    Use calculator.php to embed a calculator (arithmetic and scientific) in your PHP programs and HTML code.
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    Financial functions with the Excel function names and parameter order.Financial_class includes:- Thirty360USdayCount- Thirty360USyearFraction- Thirty360EUdayCount- Thirty360EUyearFraction- ActualActualdayCount- ActualActualyearFraction- Actual360dayCount- Actual360yearFraction- Actual365dayCount- Actual365yearFraction- DATEADD- DATEDIFF- DELTA- DOLLARDE- DOLLARFR- DAYS360- PV- FV- FVSCHEDULE- PMT- IPMT- PPMT- NPER- EFFECT- NOMINAL- DDB- SYD- SLN- DISC- RECEIVED- INTRATE- NPV- XNPV- IRR- MIRR- XIRR- RATE- VDB- YIELD- PRICEDISC- YIELDDISC- COUPNUM- COUPDAYSBS
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    The factorial of a given positive integer number can be calculated.Key Features of Simple Math:- Calculate the number of all possible permutations of a subset of elements of a given size without repeating elements- Calculate the number of all possible combinations of a subset of elements of a given size without considering the order or repeating elementsRequirements:PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Big Number Calculator can be used to add arbitrary precision numbers in pure PHP.Big Number Calculator takes two decimal numbers represented as strings of unlimited length and performs an addition digit by digit. The result is another decimal number represented as a string.Requirements: PHP 5.0
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    Render formula can be use to render mathematical formulas as graphical images. It parses a formula with constant and variable values combined with several possible mathematical operations.Currently Render formula supports formulates using the operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and functions like square root, sin arc sin, cosine, and power.Then Render formula renders the given formula in an GD library image. ...
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    Free wap claculator with everything you want.Sine,cos,tan,square root and many other functions. Hytotenuse calclator and area calculator for amny polygons.
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    Math is a simple class that can be used to perform arithmetic operations on sets of numbers passed as arrays. Currently it can only perform addition of all numbers in an array.Math can also format a number using commas and do the opposite, remove commas from formatted numbers.
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    NumPer can be used to spell numbers in the Persian idiom.NumPer can decompose any number between 0 and 999999999999 and return a text string that spells the number in Persian. The returned text is encoded using UTF-8 .
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    Numerical performs several types of numerical and statistical functions.Features of Numerical:- generates gaussian normal distributions,- does numerical integration of arbitrary functions,- generates random numbers with gaussian distributions,- provides a number of standard statistical functions, e.g., mean, standard deviation, variance, etc.,- has two different methods of solving for the roots of an equation (bisection and steepest descent),- converts floating point to ...
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    Matrix can be used to perform several types of operations with matrices.It can perform the operations like sum, reduction, multiplication, division, covariance matrix, mean matrix, inverse and determinant.
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    dm.Complex can be used to perform arithmetic operations with complex can add, subtract, multiply, divide, calculate the square root, logarithm and exponential of complex values. It may also perform basic comparisons like testing whether a complex number is equal to zero or is equal to another complex number.There is also another class to manipulate complex number given its polar ...
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    floIncrementor can be used to increment one number by another number (i.e. add two numbers), with an adjustable degree of precision.floIncrementor supports the ability to undo and redo the addition operations.The class may also restrict the acceptable results to a given range. It may also associate given comments to each incrementing execution and execute incrementation on previous results.
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    Imaginary Numbers class allows you to manipulates imaginary numbers.For Example:$z = new Z("4i 3"); $i->Add(3,4); $i->Div("5e-j37"); ... etc
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    bNewton Newton's binomial theorem to solve and to display equations. It can determine the binomial coefficients and show an equivalent equation.You can use bNewton to get result to binomial number too.
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    Prime is a simple script that is meant to determine whether an integer number prime, i.e. it is divisible only by itself or 1.
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