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Internationalization and translations for your web application with php localization scripts
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    i18n can be used to get texts for use in an internationalized application using XML files.i18n can parse the respective XML file for the currently chosen idiom and retrieve texts given a path specification of the XML tags that enclose the requested texts.The translation texts may contain special variable placeholders that may be replaced by parameter values.
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    Classicus can be used to generate ancient Latin words forms. It generates different forms for Latin nouns, verbs and adjectives.Additionally Classicus can convert Roman numerals to decimal representation and vice-versa.
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    phpMultiLang is intended for the organization of multilanguage support in web application. Provides all basic necessary functionality for storage and processing of the language data, and some additional opportunities:- As sources of the language data you can use of files and- or arrays.- In case of use of files - processing of their any amount , and also caching results ...
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    ZBZ5 Simple Localizing Tool can be used to retrieve texts for internationalized applications. The class can load texts from data files for different idioms. Then it can return the translation text for the selected idiom given the original string in English.If there is a translation data file for the specified idiom, the class uses a fallback idiom file. If the ...
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    Data por extenso is meant to parse a date of a given day and spell it using words in Brazilian Portuguese.
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    Translit is a very simple class that can be used to transliterate cyrilic text used in Russian and Ukrainian into strings using latin characters.Translit has a single function that takes as parameters the string of text to transliterate, the encoding used by that input string and the desired encoding to returned the transliterated text.
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    Cyrillic to Latin is a simple class can convert text between representations using cyrillic and latin character sets.The class can convert text in both directions: cyrillic to latin and latin to cyrillic.
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    Translator is a reimplementation of QT's Translator class.
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    Chinese Text Conversion is meant to convert Chinese between different encoding types. Currently, the following encoding types are supported: GB-2312, Big5, Unicode (UTF-8).
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    Numero por extenso is meant to spell quantity numbers using brazilian portuguese words. The idea of the class is inspired in a similar class by another developer english that spells numbers using english words.Numero por extenso can optionally capitalize the initials and the portuguese words that represent the given number.Limitations:The comments and the documentation are in portuguese.
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    Translation allows to store and retrieve all the strings on multilingual site in the database. Class connects to any database using PHP PEAR extension - so it needs PEAR to be installed to work correctly.The object should be created for every page. While creation all the strings connected with specific page and the strings connected with all the pages on ...
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    GrWebLang is meant to manage and retrieve translations of texts of multiple idioms that can be used in a site or other type of application. It can store in its variables the translation texts associating them with a given identifier.An application can retrieve the translation of a text to any of the support idioms by specifying the text identifier and ...
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    Generic string mapping class maps string characters given an arbitrary character map table.Features of Generic string mapping class:- Maps string characters given an arbitrary character map table.- Maps characters not present in the table with user defined function.- Separate mapping tables are provided to convert ISO Latin 1 strings to upper case, lower case accents and cedillas to correspondent ASCII ...
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    Basic message Catalog utility for php, provides a basic way to generate multiple languages scripts.
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    Terbilang is meant to translate numbers into words in Indonesian or Malay Language.
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