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Internationalization and translations for your web application with php localization scripts
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    Class Salariu can be used to perform calculations of works employed in Romania.
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    Interfaces generates HTML for displaying forms in a table with several types of basic form inputs on each table row like: text, hidden, file, checkbox, textarea, select, password.Interfaces may also display more complex inputs, some specific for applications in Brazil, such as dates, tax numbers (CPF), zip codes (CEP), education degree, gender, weekly work journey, marriage status, work shift, handicap ...
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    Time Engine can access the Yahoo geocoding API Web server and retrieve the latitude and longitude of a given address.After the geographic coordinates are obtained, Time Engine contacts the GeoNames and retrieves the location time zone.
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    Google Translate Tool takes as parameters a given text or URL of a page, and source and target languages to translate the text.It accesses the Google Translate site and emulates translation form submission to translate the given text or page.The translated text or the HTML of the translated page is returned.Requirements:PHP 3 or higher
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    Dict Translator can be used to translate words between Polish and English and vice-versa. It connects to the site to perform the translation of given words and retrieve the translation results.Dict Translator returns an associative array that relates the original words and the respective translations.
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    If you're like me and you have to build a fair number of internationalized forms, then you know what a pain it can be to find a list of countries in the proper format. This tool helps you process country data in a variety of styles, including XML, HTML select/option list, CSV, tab-delimited, or just a long list of every ...
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    LanguageSys is class for use in internationalized applications. It handles the access to language files with the definition of texts for each supported idiom. These language files are in the .ini format. It is also possible to pre-compile the definitions of language files to reduce the processing time.LanguageSys approach is highly object oriented, so it makes the language definitions accessible ...
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    RFC 1766 is capable of mapping the identifiers of idioms and country codes defined by ISO standards to the respective english names as recommended in the RFC 1766.The class contains the list of all valid idiom and country codes defined in ISO 636 and ISO 3166 specifications respectively. It also has two functions, one to validate RFC 1766 style idiom ...
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    This class can be used to spell numeric values using Polish words.
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    Google Translator can be used to translate texts between idioms using the Google translation site.Google Translator takes a text in one of the supported idioms and accesses the Google translation site to perform a translation to another supported idiom.Currently Google Translator supports the idioms: English, German, French, Spanish and Italian.
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    num2words can be used to spell numbers in the Portuguese idiom.It was adapted from the class baa2words originally written from Barry Andrew to spell numbers in Portuguese rather than in English.
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    Simple TMX class can be used to retrieve texts to be used by internationalized applications from XML files. It can parse files in specific XML format that contain the internationalized texts for a given idiom.The texts are stored in class variables to be easily retrieved by applications that use them.Simple TMX class can store the internationalized texts in cache files ...
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    IDNA Convert is a standard described in RFC 3490, RFC 3491 and RFC 3492. It is used to allow language specific characters in domain names, like the umlauts in German, accents in latin languages like French, or even chinese characters.IDNA Convert allows you to convert domain names between the encoded Punycode notation and the decoded 8bit (UTF-8) notation. It simplifies ...
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    NumPer can be used to spell numbers in the Persian idiom.NumPer can decompose any number between 0 and 999999999999 and return a text string that spells the number in Persian. The returned text is encoded using UTF-8 .
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    ArTransliteration can be used to transliterate English text to Arabic. It looks for a set of English character sequences and transliterates to equivalent character sequences in Arabic encoded with windows-1256 character set.
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