PHP Link Checking

Free and open source PHP Link Checking Scripts. These scripts help you to check link validity on a given site or a remote URL.
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    clsManUrl is a simple class that can build a query string to use in a URL from a list of parameters. It can be used, for instance, to generate the URL a link that passes values to the linked page script.clsManUrl has functions for added or remove parameters from the list. Then it can generate the query string from the ...
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    URL TS is a simple class that can be used to check whether a page with a given URL exists. The class establishes a connection to the server of the given URL and sends an HTTP HEAD request.If successful the class can determine whether it returns the HTTP response code. The code 200 means the page exists. The code of ...
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    PathParser is capable of parsing absolute or relative URLs or file paths and can compute the relative path to go from a given path to another. It resolves relative references as /./ or /../, and eliminates consecutive / characters in the input path.PathParser is an alternative to PHP realpath() function, with two basic differences: it works with real and virtual ...
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    class.uri is a class for manipulating URIs.
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    Active URL is meant for manipulating URLs and anchor tags in HTML code and text strings.Functions of Active URL:- Process text strings to detect HTTP, HTTPS and FTP URLs and convert them into HTML links- Remove any links from HTML code- Validate text strings to determine whether they contain valid URLs- Append additional parameters to URLs of links in HTML ...
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    With URL class you can get information about URL's.You can get the following informations in URL class:- Host- Path- Statuscode (eg. 404,200, ...)- HTTP Version- Server- Content Type- Date- The whole header string of the URLURL class is very useful for dynamic written link library pages!
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    URLclass allows you store absolute or relative URLs and access the various parts (scheme, host, port, part, query, fragment). It will also accept and attempt to resolve a relative URL against an absolute URL already stored.
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    Use urlcheck to validate links or web servers.
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    Gonx URLs is meant to generate URLs for accessing application dynamically generated pages based on parameters passed in the URL.The class can optionally generate URLs in the common dynamic page format (;=1) or URLs in a format optimized for not preventing search engine crawling ( the later case, Gonx URLs can also generate scripts that will process requests of pages ...
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    Various http servers use a 'guesstimate' basis for directories that don't exist in the virtual path. Using this system, it is possible to select a script with a particular name by specifying the name as a directory in the URI. It is then possible, using this function, to extract parameters required for this script from the URI, without resorting to ...
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