PHP Link Checking

Free and open source PHP Link Checking Scripts. These scripts help you to check link validity on a given site or a remote URL.
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    Currently PHPShortener supports the 7 most popular shortening services. It will convert a long URL into a short URL, and then decode a short URL to its long version.Services:- u.nuFeatures:- Easy to use- Flexible, easy to extend with new services- Auto detects the service in the URL to decode- Tiny, but well written and ...
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    PHP Functions for detecting Spiders and Small Screen Devices, two PHP functions that allow a developer to test for spiders and small screen devices.PHP Functions for detecting Spiders and Small Screen Devices can be used for useragent cloaking, delivering lite content to PDA's and cellphones, or solving any other problem that requires delivering content based on user agent.
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    File Host Link Tester verifies the given URL address and checks whether it is the download page of a file available in a file hosting service or just an ad page. If the download page URL is value, the class retrieves the download page and parses it to obtain the file size.Currently File Host Link Tester supports the following file ...
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    Path wrapper is a small template class made for handling small strings like paths with parameters linked to a specific time (like in backup process) you can specify your own keywords.
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    QueryString can add and remove variables and the respective values that will be added to a list of variables. A query string, that can be used in URLS, is formed by assembling the variables. Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    PHP OpenGraph can be used to extract OpenGraph information from sites. The script can take the URL of a given site page and parse the page to extract information of OpenGraph protocol properties like site title, type, image, URL, site name, etc.. Requirements:PHP 5.0 or higher
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    urX - taking the L out of URL is a URL shortening, masking, and tracking script. Create shortened urls that will not break in emails. Mask your affiliate links, and track their activity. Use shortened links in twitter and facebook where characters matter.
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    Reciprocal Link Manager - Link Doctor manages your link farm. You can add links manually or your visitors can add their links. Link Doctor checks your reciprocal links every day and lets you know in email if a back-link disappeared or automatically deletes the link from your site.
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    Php Link Popularity Checker finds incoming links from the top search engines. Php Link Popularity Checker is the number of inbound links to your site from other sites. You can use this script into your website for free.
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    Link Popularity Tool will check the incoming links from sites like Google, Bing, Yahoo!, AlltheWeb, Altavista, Ask and DMOZ. Link Popularity Tool is also designed to retrieve the current Alexa Ranking. If the user clicks on one of the search engines, he will automatically be redirected to their search results page for the present query string. The 'http://' string is ...
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    An HTML excerpt is parsed in order to extract the URLs of all links with sm00sh Class.The sm00sh Class uses the Web services API to create short URLs for all URLs found in the HTML and replaces all the links.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Perfect URL Trimmer accesses the APIs of different URL shortening services and sends a request to retrieve the short version of a given URL. It returns the short URL that is the shortest among all that were tried.The, and services are currently supported.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    url shortener script enables your user to redirect long urls to short urls using your website.Complete script and explaination in the url shortener script. Enjoy it :)
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    TinyUrl Class will take advantage of the URL shortening service provided by TinyURL. It is well documented with PHPDoc.What's New in This Release TinyUrl Class:- Corrected some documentation- Wrote some explanation for the method-parameters
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    user-agents accesses the site and retrieves a XML file with information of the user agent identification of all known browsers and robots.The retrieved information can be stored into a MySQL database or a given XML file.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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