PHP Link Checking

Free and open source PHP Link Checking Scripts. These scripts help you to check link validity on a given site or a remote URL.
  1. No404s
    660 total visits
    No404s is a PHP script designed to help you find broken or moved links on your site or your link pages. What makes it different from other link checkers is that the title obtained from checked site is displayed (useful for finding expired domains that give no other discernable error). At the end an overview of the checked links is ...
  2. No Screenshot
    68 total visits
    Links Manager is a universal tool introducing link exchange and distribution. If you are a web-master and optimizer, if you promote websites, you will find this script useful.Links Manager will save you from tiresome routine of maintaining link directories, giving you all the tools you need for that. The script will check the availability of a backlink and correctness of ...
  3. No Screenshot
    116 total visits
    Random link is a simple php script which displays a link every time you load the script. You can edit the links that you will show in the 'random_link.txt' (One link a line) Installation:- The setup is very simple,- Upload the script and the map to your server.- Edit the links in 'random_link.txt' (One link a line)- Include the file ...
  4. No Screenshot
    144 total visits
    Image Hotlink Log and Control is a collection of PHP scripts which allows you to easily log and control hotlinking of images on your Apache hosted web site. Checking who is linking your images and how much bandwidth they are leeching. You can also control what happens to individual hotlinkers - you can block images, substitute images, or best of ...
  5. PHP Link Directory Script
    534 total visits
    This is a free PHP link directory script that aims to offer a complete link directory solution. The directory only requires certain software that is common to most web hosting packages.Features of PHP Link Directory Script:- Manage multiple level category tree - sub categories can go as deep as you want- Makes use of mod_rewrite (if you wish) in order ...
  6. Link Limits
    92 total visits
    This is a WordPress plugin for rejecting comments containing BBCode or too many links. It is great for rejecting spam bots that avoid the Akismet system, or spam posting humans.There is no extra settig to setup, only install and activate.Requirements:- WordPress 2.2 or HigherInstallation:- Unpack and upload it to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in ...
  7. No Screenshot
    126 total visits
    ComicLinkChecker is a PHP link checker script that will search through your webpages picking up all links to other pages (both internal and external) and check the links' HTML headers for errors such as 401, 404, 505 etc.The scope for customisation within this program us huge! You get to decide what file types not to check, which files not to ...
  8. No Screenshot
    94 total visits
    This is a PHP link check script. You can use it to check to see if the link is valid or broken and return the status using JavaScript. The users must enter a link in the form input field, and press the check button.
  9. No Screenshot
    484 total visits
    The PHP Directory Listing Script is a highly configurable script which generates a well formed table, listing the contents of a specified directory and sub-directories. The script displays images for certain file types with the ability to generate thumbnails to preview image files.The PHP Directory Listing Script requires PHP, Javascript and GD2 for thumbnail generation.
  10. Code Graph
    981 total visits
    This PHP script is mainly used to generate call graphs of PHP code with GraphViz. It can generate diagrams in the GraphViz DOT format from a list of called or uncalled functions.Functions can also parse PHP scripts to extract the list of functions in the code to generate the call tree graph.Requirements:- PHP 4 or Higher
  11. No Screenshot
    489 total visits
    It grabs certain GET variables out of the URL and puts together a file path to insert in the body of a site template. Best way to use this class is to save it as a seperate PHP file and include in on top of every page of your site. I like to make a folder in my website called ...
  12. No Screenshot
    2740 total visits
    SEO Report Script is intended to lookup for SEO results for your domain on all major search engines and other important sites and to present them on a single page. It retrieves and displays the following information about your domain: Google indexed pages, Google inbound links, Yahoo indexed pages, Yahoo inbound links, Bing indexed pages, Bing inbound links, Alexa rank, ...
  13. No Screenshot
    2426 total visits
    The Micro Link Checker is a small and basic PHP script to check link validity on a given site. The script loads the requested page and collects all URL on it and at least check whether the links are accessible or not.
  14. No Screenshot
    2688 total visits
    This class can be used to convert URLs between absolute and relative paths. It can take a relative path and determine the absolute URL of that path relative to another URL. It can also determine the relative path between two URLs.
  15. No Screenshot
    2052 total visits
    CcCounter 2.0 is a FREE php counter script that doesn't require any database or language knowledge. Informations are stored on flat text files, and they are processed by a php script to visualize statistics about page counts, browsers, operating systems, and countries of the people that visited your site.These informations are available for each month, too. In addition, installation is ...
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