PHP Image Handling

Free and open source PHP image Handling scripts. These scripts allow you to create images, add watermark and manipulate images.
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    Parameters such as the text message, font, size, rotation, padding, color, background and transparency, can be defined through the URL.
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    Rotate Image can be used to display random images in an HTML page from a list. It gets the list of image files present in the given directory with a name that matches a pattern defined by a regular expression.Rotate Image then picks a random image to display and generates HTML tags to display that image.The generated HTML tags contain ...
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    ImageTitle, a given text can be rendered on an image with a specified color and font. The width and height of the image is determined automatically, but the class can limit the number of characters to show in a line.ImageTitle can generate multiple images for text split in multiple lines. The generated images may be saved to files in the ...
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    The supported formats depend on GD library version.Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    Images in GIF, PNG or JPEG format are supported.Requirements: GD PHP extension
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    The image is outputted in JPEG format through function_diagram.Requirements: PHP
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    Pixels with any possible color or incolor ones can be created. GifPix can prove very usefull to create statistics - plot bars.
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    Image Uploader takes an uploaded image and check whether the MIME type is of GIF, JPEG or PNG formats, if the file size does not exceed a given limit, or the image width and height is not smaller than a given size.Image Uploader can also create thumbnails and assure that width and height of neither the thumbnails nor the original ...
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    The HTML tags required to insert the images into Web pages are also generated. phpimage uses the GD library functions to output images in the PNG or JPEG formats. phpimage can also generate the images in SVG format using a separate class.
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    The watermark image can have a color that is handled as transparent color, and can be applied with a variable opacity level within the range from 0% to 100%.The watermark image can be applied in a fixed or a random position of the image to be process. The original image can be served in GIF, JPEG, PNG, WBMP, XPM or ...
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    Smart Image can read images in either GIF, JPEG or PNG formats and apply several processing operations. It can rescale an image either by preserving its proportions or cropping it to not exceed and given width or height.An watermark can also be added by overlaying another image at a given position with a configurable transparency level. The processed image can ...
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    The images can be displayed or saved to disk.
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    B&W; stands for black and white format.
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    Pages with large images can load faster if many pieces of the same image are loaded at the same time.Image Slicer takes the limit width and height of each piece and outputs an HTML table with with image tags to load each image slice.
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    Texture Background Effect can apply a texture image on another image, making the texture appear on the processed image displaced by an offset with a given number of pixels.A texture can be applied several times with different offset values in order to obtain other effects.
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