PHP Image Handling

Free and open source PHP image Handling scripts. These scripts allow you to create images, add watermark and manipulate images.
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    HolyImage can open image files of either GIF, JPEG or PNG formats and create new version of the images with a different size. It can resize the image keeping the proportion relative to a given width or height. The resized version ca be saved to a file in GIF, JPEG or PNG formats, or used as the active script output. ...
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    PHP gauge can create an image with a gauge and a pointer rendered at a given angle. The span of rotation angle, the minimum and maximum values, and the maximum values for green and yellow areas are configurable parameters. The gauge image that is generated according to a predefined size is served as the active script output in GIF, PNG, ...
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    Transparent Image can create an image of a given size and overlay a set of transparent images on the created image. The generated image can be saved to a local file or served as the active script output, in PNG format. Requirements: PHP 4 or higher
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    GD Image Manipulation can open image files in GIF, JPEG or PNG format and perform several types of operations. Currently GD Image Manipulation can generate HTML tags to display the image, resize the image to fit a given width or height, rotate or flip the image horizontally or vertically, apply color effects like sepia, colorize, negate, grayscale, brightness adjust, contrast ...
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    FXLake effect takes a picture image and generates new frames that present a reflex underneath the original picture, as if it is being reflected on water. The animation is composed by merging the generated image frames.
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    GD Magic is able to apply effects similar to the ones in ImageMagick, through the GD library functions. Currently GD Magic can draw a gradient stripe of given colors, replace the color of points with a given color, convert the color of points to gray scale tones, invert the colors of the points, and perform several other effects like blur, ...
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    phMagick passes parameters to the ImageMagick program in order to process several types of image manipulation operations. Currently phMagick can resize images, create thumbnails, darken or brighten images, adding watermarks, rotating, flipping, cropping, converting to grey scale and inverting the images, applying effects like drop-shadows, rounded corners and a "polaroid look". phMagick can also generate thumbnails from Avi and Pdf ...
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    OOimage can also extract information about an image file.
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    As a result, mImage can be used to generate thumbnails.
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    Images in GIF, JPEG or PNG formats can be loaded from server files or uploaded through Web forms.Nweb Image can perform several operations on the images like: cropping, resizing, composing a new image from two images, write text on the image, convert the image colors to grey scale, adjust the brightness or contrast, invert the colors, and colorize.The processed image ...
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    Images can be loaded from a specified file or a previously computed one can be used. Image dynamic resizer can resize the image to a given width or height keeping the original aspect ratio.If the original aspect ratio differs from the desired size aspect ratio, the resulting image can either be cropped or filled with a given background color.Requirements: PHP ...
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    GIF files can easily be embedded into scripts through gif2function.php3.
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    Images in the GIF, JPEG or PNG formats, can be opened from files stored on the server, uploaded files or strings.Currently Fuerte Image Tool can perform several types of image manipulation operations, like resizing images to a given width and height, resize images proportional and fit within given width and height limits, add borders, etc..The manipulated images can be saved ...
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    A specified image can be loaded and text or other images can be rendered over it. The image transparency and the text font, size and colors are configurable parameters.The resulting image can be saved to a new image file.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    TriImage allows easy placement of ttfboxes on images.
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