PHP Image Handling

Free and open source PHP image Handling scripts. These scripts allow you to create images, add watermark and manipulate images.
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    Hippo Picture Base64 Encode can encode GIF or JPEG image files in the form of PHP script file that serves the original files when it is executed. The class can handle a Web form for uploading the image files.After receiving the uploaded files, the class generates a PHP script that contains PHP statements for decoding and outputting the image files ...
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    The SVG Class encapsulates the basic SVG elements into individual classes. It generates well-formed SVG documents.
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    Image Rotator classes can pick a random file from a directory. Despite it can be used for displaying rotating banner images, it can be used to randomly pick an other type of file.The class can traverse a given directory to retrieve all files of a given list of file name extensions. Then it can pick one file randomly to be ...
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    Create image thumbnails from JPG or PNG on the fly showing them in an imagetag or outputting them as files with explecit width or height or both.This version requires GD 2.0 or higher! For older versions of the GDLib fetch version 0.9 of Image2Thumbnail.
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    Image Functions provides an helpful collection of colour and image processing routines.Functions of Image Functions:- Can the colour space to and from RGB, HLS and HSV formats- Convert to and from an RGB array and HTML HEX values- Retrieve the colour of a pixel and return it as an RGB array- Compute the distance between two colours- Determine the current ...
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    Basic rollover images.
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    Image Masking is meant to apply a mask to a given image, much like you could do in PhotoShop, Gimp, or any other such image manipulation program.If the mask is smaller than the image then the mask can be placed in various positions (top left, left, top right, left, centre, right, bottom left, bottom, bottom right) or the mask can ...
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    ScaleJPG creates a JPG scale on-the-fly.
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    Gradient Image classes is meant to generate images that are made color that appear in gradient sequence. It takes the initial and end colors and renders a true color image with the GD extension that is filled with intermediate colors between the initial and end areas of the image.The gradient fill can be rendered horizontally or vertically. The number of ...
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    With the ScaleImage class you can easy, in two lines of code manipulate your images.Scale logical from height, weidth or percentage, or just from x and y cordinates. At the same time transform from eg. png to jpg.
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    PHP Script to display images one at a time in a page turning fashion. Image data is read from a MySQL database.
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    picgrab class alows you to grab pictures from remote addresses.
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    clsImage is an image manipulation class with PHP 4 and PHP 5 specific support that is based on the GD Library.Functions of clsImage:- Load and save images in the JPEG, GIF and PNG formats- Generate HTML tags to present the manipulated images- Resize an image with arbitrary dimensions, or to a given width or height or size scale percentage, preserving ...
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    Image to PHP is meant to read all images in a specified directory and then generates a PHP class with functions that serve the headers and the data of such image files.It is very useful when you want to distribute a small PHP package with images embedded in the PHP code instead of using separate files.
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    Converting images between formats may be useful for Web applications because each image format has advantages and disadvantages depending on the applications purpose.With JPEG you can reduce the quality to limit the file size. With GIF you can make it transparent or generate animations. With PNG you can avoid GIF color model restrictions. With SWF you can protect your image ...
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