PHP Image Handling

Free and open source PHP image Handling scripts. These scripts allow you to create images, add watermark and manipulate images.
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    PHP PSD Reader reads a PSD file and renders the content as a GD true color image. A function named imagecreatefrompsd() is provided to simplify the creation of images from Photoshop files.Requirements:PHP 3.0 or higher
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    image_bmp does not require any external modules such as the GD library or ImageMagick. Since the BMP format is not optimized in any way, dealing with such images is a slow process.
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    Image Resize Class is based on the factory design pattern. There is a ImageResize base class and subclasses for specific image file formats.The ImageResizeFactory class has a factory method which is used to determine which of the sub-classes specialized in each of the supported formats is to be instanciated.The choice of sub-class is made upon the determination of the input ...
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    Thumbnails is a simple class that can be used to display thumbnail versions of images of a given server directory. It traverses a given server directory and extracts the list of image files considering only those with file name extensions .jpg, .bmp, .gif, .png, .tga, .tif and .eps.The image files are displayed in reduced size in a table of a ...
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    JPEG Fit takes a picture in any format supported by the GD library and generates a JPEG picture with the maximum quality factor that makes the picture file size not exceed a given limit.The binary search algorithm is used to reach the ideal quality factor in the smallest number of iterations.JPEG Fit stops searching when a given number of limit ...
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    The borders are created with a CSS2 effect and does not use any images. Raised and shadowed borders are also supported.
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    The max width and the max height for the output image can be specified and the aspect ratio is being kept.
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    PHP Dial Gauge generates an image of a dial gauge with a needle pointer rotated to a given value between the minimum and maximum angle.The current value the needle is pointing to can optionally be displayed. The resulting image is served as the current script output in the transparent GIF or PNG formats.Requirements:PHP 5.2 or higher
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    Watermark reads a true color image from a file, draws a watermark and saves the processed image. The true type font, font size and font width scale factor of the watermark text can be configured.Watermark can load and save images in the formats: GIF, PNG and JPEG. The resulting image can be saved to a file or generated as part ...
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    Resize takes a given image and creates a copy with a new given size. The class can keep proportions of the original image upon setting a given width or height. A watermark image can also be overlaid over one of the resized image's corners or its center.The final image may also be rotated by a given angle. The background color ...
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    KG Image Resizer Thumbnail Class can resize a given image in the PNG, GIF or JPEG formats to a given width and height. If the image file does not exist, it uses a default image file.The source image format is also being kept for its resized version, which gets served as the current script output.Requirements:PHP 4.0 or higher
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    The functions to resize by height, width or percent, as well as crop, are included.
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    Transparent Watermark is meant to help protecting the sites that own the original images from being stollen by other people that remove the original credits and display the images in other sites without permission.Transparent Watermark will place a watermark with a random displacement and color effect, generally to difficult for watermark removal techniques.
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    Add mark at images can open an image file in the JPEG format, a watermark image in the PNG format, resize the original image to a a given size and apply the watermark image in a given position of the resized image.Both the original and resized images get stored on the server in JPEG or PNG format.
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    Merge Pictures creates a new image pasting two given images in GIF, JPEG or PNG formats. The new image has the width of the first image. The second image will be rescaled to appear with the same width as the first. The new image height is the sum of the first image height with the height of second image after ...
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