PHP Image Handling

Free and open source PHP image Handling scripts. These scripts allow you to create images, add watermark and manipulate images.
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    Thumbs traverses a given directory and generates thumbnails of files with the extensions .gif, .jpg and .png, ignoring files that start with _ character.The thumbnail images files are stored in a sub-directory named thumbs. Once created, the upto date thumbnails will be skipped to avoid unnecessary reprocessing.The thumbnails may have limited width, height or both. The thumbnail file names may ...
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    Write On Pic can open an picture file in the GIF, PNG, JPEG and BMP formats, and write a given text string on the picture. The colors, opacity, border effect, font size and position of the text are configurable parameters.The generated image with text rendered on it can be served as the local script output or saved to a local ...
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    JPEG Slicer takes a JPEG image and generates 4 images, each one with a slice of the original image. Different sub-directories are used to store the sliced images.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    Thumbnail images of a specified size can be generated, a watermark can be applied and image information can be retrieved, including the associated MIME type.
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    Web montage accesses the Google image search site and performs a search with random words picked from a dictionary file.Images are retrieved and copied at random positions inside the montage image. The montage image can be updated with new images after a given time interval.Web montage can also generate an HTML image map to associate each image in the montage ...
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    Image Rotate generates HTML and Javascript to display a list of images in a page. The images are randomly selected from a list of files, that can be found in a directory on the server.After a given period Image Rotate switches the image that appears in a given position of the page. The period of time between two images and ...
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    Image can manage uploaded files of the GIF or JPEG format and resize them if they exceed a given width or height limit. A specified directory is used to store the resized images, while preserving the original images aspect.
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    Image files from a specified directory are shuffled and then displayed one by one for every page view.
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    The generated thumbnail can be saved to a file.
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    Image to ASCII text reads an image in GIF, JPEG or PNG formats, and converts each pixel to an ASCII text character that corresponds to the pixel brightness level.The contrast and brightness can be adjusted. The converted ASCII text may be served for download or display in a form text are input to the let the users copy the text ...
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    CMYK, RGB, Pantone, as well as hex and HTML codes are supported.
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    The thumbnails can be set to either have constrained proportions with a background fill to the max pixel width and height, or simple be constrained inside the max pixel width and height.Requirements: PHP GD extension 2.0 or higher
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    BMP Thumbnail has a class that can read a BMP image file, decodes the image pixels, and a new image file in the GD library format from the BMP image pixel values.The GD image file is stored in temporary file or in a string using a memory stream handler class to improve the decoding process speed. The GD image file ...
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    An image with a specified width and height is created and a text string is rendered in it. The text may be align to the left, right, center or justified relatively to the image width.The text font, size, background and foreground colors are configurable. The generated image may be served as the current script output or stored in a server ...
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    Photo Frame can be used to generate pictures frames with custom text around the picture images.It creates a frame image of a given size. Then it draws a picture image centered in the frame image.In the frame space around the picture it display custom text phrases. These phrases use special graphic images that represent text letters drawn with custom alphabet ...
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