PHP Image Handling

Free and open source PHP image Handling scripts. These scripts allow you to create images, add watermark and manipulate images.
  1. EasyPhpThumbnail Class
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    EasyPhpThumbnail Class allows you to handle image manipulation and thumbnail generation for GIF, JPG and PNG on-the-fly. The script is FREE for open-source projects, 100% PHP based, available for PHP4 and PHP5, is easy to use and provides lots of functionality such as resize, crop, rotate, flip, save as, shadow, watermark, text, border, filter, twirl, water ripple and more!!
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    This code creates watermrk image.
  3. No Screenshot
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    Portable UTF-8 is a library that enables Unicode support in PHP applications. It is written in PHP and does not need mbstring, iconv, UTF-8 enabled PCRE or any other library. The benefit of Portable UTf-8 is that you can bundle it with your applications and it needs no external support.
  4. FastImage
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    FastImage is a PHP script to retrieve information about an image using as less bandwidth as possible. FastImage parses the image URL, downloads its header and stops at the moment it has found its size (height, width). This technique saves bandwidth in case we have an image filter activated for not loading by mistake HD photos on the site. A ...
  5. No Screenshot
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    Thumb.php is a simple PHP script for quick image thumbnail generation. It comes complete with a caching system for not rendering the same thumbnail over and over again. Features of Thumb.php:- File-based and browser-based cache system- Crop or resize image- Zoom image before thumbnailing- Alignment options- Adjust image sharpness
  6. PHP Image Magician
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    PHP Image Magician is an open source project that uses PHP GD to perform image manipulation in an easy, succinct way. Resizing, cropping, watermarking, adding text - we got it all and more! Features of PHP Image Magician:- Easy resize- Watermark- Shadows & Reflections- Transparency support- Full crop capabilites- Text- Borders, Rounded corners, Rotation- Image type conversion- BMP support- EXIF ...
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    Silentum Uploader allows visitors to upload files to your site quickly and efficiently, without the use of MySQL. It uses only two PHP files, and can be set up in a matter of minutes. Some of its features include admin-set file extensions and a maximum byte limit for files. It also displays the date and time each file was uploaded, ...
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    Image Host script is a free PHP script that will let you launch an imagehost in just a minute. Your visitors will upload their images and link back to you. It only requires PHP and very small promotion effort. Just upload it to your web hosting server and you have your own image hosting site, just like ImageShack and TinyPic. ...
  9. Retina Images
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    Retina Images is a PHP script for serving HD images to supporting devices. It works by setting a cookie with the device's aspect ratio and delivering images at different qualities based on that setting. If the aspect ratio is bigger than 1, a high resolution version of the desired image is server. If a high-res version isn't available, the default ...
  10. CF TextImage
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    CF TextImage Script is a small but useful php script that can generates a image from a string of text using a True Type Font (ttf). It can help to reduce the possibility of your email address being picked up by web crawlers and used for junk mail.
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    TimThumb is a simple, flexible, PHP script that resizes image. You give it a bunch of parameters, and it spits our a thumbnail image that you can display on your site.
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    This is a PHP image handling script for thumbnail creator. It can be used to create multiple versions of an image, mainly in smaller forms.Features of Smart Lencioni Image Resizer:- Resizes JPEGs, GIFs, and PNGs- Intelligently sharpens for crisp photos at any size- Can crop based on width:height ratios- Can color-fill transparent GIFs and PNGs- Built-in caching keeps image variations ...
  13. Image Uploader Script
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    This is a PHP image upload script that can be used to process uploaded image files. It can copy uploaded files to a given destination diretory if the directory and is valid. Cropping and resizing image files is supportedRequirements:- PHP 5.0 or HigherWhat's new in this version:- Auto name for file uploaded. This is a new option to let you ...
  14. No Screenshot
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    Sometimes, you don't like to hotlink images from other sites. So, Sometimes, you don't like to hotlink images from other sites. So, with this tiny qr code script, your server will fetch the data from google api and send back to your users. From users' point of view, QrCode is from your server.
  15. sigToSvg
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    This is a supplemental script for Signature Pad that generates a SVG file from the signature. It uses the outputted JSON data from the canvas signature and generates a SVG file on the server side using PHP. sigToSvg doesn't need GD to work.Requirements:- PHP 5.3 or Higher- Signature Pad
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