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Free and open source PHP image gallery scripts. These photo gallery scripts will allow you to showcase or sell your images, artwork or prints online.
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    Beginners Very Quick PHP Gallery Script searches through a directory of images and creates a thumbnail and image for each one on the fly, writing the thumb/image to a separate directory and display them in a single page.The script is meant to be used as a quick solution to getting a series of images online for display as quickly as ...
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    iPhone optimized web gallery based on original iPhone Photos application - presentation layer is Jaipho javascript gallery. Pipho - iPhone optimized image gallery will read the images from desired folder, create resized thumbnails and slide images, and also will dump javascript read images part. In addition, it will read text files as descriptions for both, gallery and slides. As Jaipho ...
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    The specified deviantArt gallery pages are accessed and parsed in order to retrieve URLs and descriptions of images.Requirements: PHP 4.3.0 or higher
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    MOSAIC MINI will Put some images and the single file in a directory on your server, point your browser to that directory and enjoy :-)Features of MOSAIC MINI:- page navigation, - picture navigation, - automatic slideshow, - stand-alone or embedded, - gallery or imagewall mode, - with popups or lightbox effect, - easy configurable script.
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    PHP Mosaic can read a given directory to open all contained image files in JPEG format. It generates a single image with all read images tiled as a mosaic.The mosaic image is saved in JPEG format to a specified file.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    Ascended Mini Gallery, a low weight Mini Gallery running with no database. No installation required. Features of Ascended Mini Gallery:- caching of albums, - album/folder restrictions, - javacript, - css-design. The script is extremly easy to use. Just upload index.php to the root of the albums, and you are ready to go!
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    Free Automated Wallpaper Script is free desktop wallpaper script. You don't need to upload any wallpaper. All wallpaper will display on your site by using a rss feed. All wallpapers are saved on one main domain so you don't need to bother for bandwidth. You can made any changes in script other then power by link. Most of wallpapers are ...
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    EasyGallery scans a folder on your webspace for images and displays them in a web-gallery. Thumbnails are created automatically, so everything you have to do is upload your files.
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    EncapsGallery is skinnable image gallery (multipurpose catalogue), easy to install and run, doesn't require PHP or MySQL skills. Key Features of EncapsGallery: - create unlimited categories;- upload unlimited media files (images,swf,mov);- http/ftp image upload;- database installer/deinstaller;- web-admin (back-end);- optional PayPal integration;- automatic/static thumbnails;- HTML skins;- Live online demo is available.
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    EazyGallery is a simple gallery that shows all images that are located in the script's directory and subdirectories of your choise. Eazy installation and usage. Script creates thumbnails in "thumbz" folder only at first usage. Features of EazyGallery:- Viewing JPEG, GIF and PNG file types.- Using external *.CSS stylesheet.- Using Lightbox as a viewer.
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    Snaps Album retrieves the list of JPEG image files from a given directory and generates thumbnails for images that were found. An image from the folder can be picked randomly and used as the album cover. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    myPh3 is an image gallery PHP script that is designed to be elegant, easy to use and install and standards-compatible. Styling is easy and six designs are included. It reads your photo album directories and presents a slick user interface with automatically generated thumbnails. All you need is a PHP web server with GD installed. Nice, friendly URL's are supported ...
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    There is one class for handling one or more uploaded files that can copy the files to a given directory if they do not exist. Easy upload resize thumb image can also call another class to generate thumbnails out of uploaded images. Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    Imageview 6 is a 4th generation image gallery script and it is using AJAX to deliver the best version yet. Main focus was compatibility between browsers. Also the compatibility on the server side has improved dramatically! While creating Imageview one of the first priorities was to make it work without a database and still be user-friendly. Features of Imageview:- Compatible ...
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    Simple Image Hosting Script is small image hosting scriptthat works on any PHP Web server and script is only 50kb and also has Contact Form and Design By Styleshout ( ) Tested on: Apache With Php
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