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Free and open source PHP image gallery scripts. These photo gallery scripts will allow you to showcase or sell your images, artwork or prints online.
  1. minishowcase
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    minishowcase is a small and simple PHP/Javascript online photo gallery, powered by AJAX that allows you to easily show your images online, without complex dababases or coding, allowing to have an up-and-running gallery in a few minutes.Features of minishowcase:- Simple galleries: Bulk just upload a folder full of images to your /galleries/ folder and voilá you have a new gallery!- ...
  2. PHP Photo Album
    663 total visits
    PHP Photo Album is a free and Open Source PHP Image gallery script that does not require a Database. You can have proportional thumbnails, re-size the image during upload, and enable descriptions.This Photo Album is also Paypal ready so you can also use it as a simple e-commerce site.Features of PHP Photo Album:- Automatic Thumbnails- Proportinal Thubmnails- Automatic Image Resize- ...
  3. twzWatermark
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    This is a PHP watermark script that watermarks a PNG, JPEG or GIP image. It can display either a text or graphic copyright notice on top of images.The resulting image can be saved as a file, displayed in the browser, or returned as a PHP image resource for further processing.Requirements:- PHP 4.0 or Higher
  4. Thumbs-Up
    215 total visits
    This PHP script is to creat thumbnails of JPG, PNG, and GIP images. It requires PHP incl. GD library and optionally ImageMagick and MySQl. Thumbnails are cached to increase performance.If ImageMagick is installed, thumbnails will be created with ImageMagick because of the better quality. (Note: This script uses a system call for ImageMagick - this will not work in PHP ...
  5. TwitPic API for PHP
    431 total visits
    This PHP script uses OAuth for authenticating on Twitter Pictures (TwiPic).Interact with all of TwitPic's features via this small open-source PHP script.Requirements:- PHP 5. 3 or Higher- HTTP_OAuth PEAR package- HTTP_Request2 PEAR package
  6. gspiral-php
    155 total visits
    This is a PHP image gallery script to render an image with a Golden Spiral.In geometry, a golden spiral is a logarithmic spiral the graphical depiction of the golden ratio equation.Requirements:- GD library- Imagick Library
  7. No Screenshot
    2463 total visits
    This PHP script can be used to retrieve and display photo albums from Facebook fan pages, it can also generate HTML to display the retrieved photo albums in another web page, while an API key and page ID are requested.Facebook Page Album will send a HTTP request to the Facebook graph Web Services API server to retrieve photo albums information ...
  8. Particle Gallery
    430 total visits
    Particle Gallery provides you with an easy way to get your own online photo album up and running whenever you want to showcase world class photography or share holiday pictures with your friends. More importantly when you need to grow, Particle Gallery is packing some of the most powerful features around.Features of Particle Gallery:- Easy to Install: Get your gallery ...
  9. MiniGal Nano
    1568 total visits
    MiniGal Nano is a very simple and user friendly /HTML/CSS/PHP image gallery script. It aims to be simple, easy to use, good looking while still being free and open source. There is no backend, just upload it to your server along with your images and you're good to go. Simple editing of the configuration file gives you control of some ...
  10. No Screenshot
    1609 total visits
    Gallery classes takes an array with "content" (images, text) and creates a table with a maximum number of columns specified by the user. User can also specify table border and some color properties.
  11. No Screenshot
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    Anigac Class is a simple script to use will allow you to embed mini galleries with navigation in your websites. After setting the paths it can be called from any other page, each call can be made with different parameters (source, thumbnail size and items per page).
  12. No Screenshot
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    Since 2007, Zphotos Express allows you to generate easily a web-based photo album. Zphotos Express uses your folders and sub-folders of photos to generate a web-based interface for your photo albums. Zphotos Express is a turnkey solution: - no Data Bases - compatible PHP4 and PHP5 - is a configurable script. Zphotos Express is customizable:- an open source program, distributed ...
  13. No Screenshot
    1808 total visits
    EasyPhpAlbum is a FREE thumbnail gallery script and the easiest way to publish your photos on the web. Only 1 file has to be included with your photos to publish them online!EasyPhpAlbum offers all the features you will ever need for hosting one or multiple online photo albums. Next to publishing photos you can just as easily publish your music ...
  14. No Screenshot
    2284 total visits
    Anima Gallery is a simple php image management system that automatically generates user-friendly interface for web image directories from HTTP or FTP Uploads. Everything you upload by ftp will be displayed on web, as simple as that (no preprocessing required)! Copy your image directory structure to Anima albums folder (or install Anima at the same level as your images folder), ...
  15. No Screenshot
    2147 total visits
    Fotopholder is a PHP library used to easily generate webpages from folders of jpg images. Most other web gallery scripts out there require lots of setup or commitment. This script requires nothing. Just drop a single file into a directory full of images and presto, you will have a web gallery. This script will also parse nested sub-directories of images ...
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