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Free and open source PHP image gallery scripts. These photo gallery scripts will allow you to showcase or sell your images, artwork or prints online.
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    Windows Image Gallery is windows look a like script of the famous windows. It displays all pictures in a specifies folder on your server. The script will create automaticly thumbnails from the images in your folder. You can set how big/small the thumbnails have to be on your gallery. You can browse your images with a browser based windows desktop. ...
  2. Avatar Slide Galleria
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    Responsive Extension is a Joomla Slideshow is based on the Galleria plugin. Joomla Galleria is a JavaScript image gallery built on top of the jQuery. The aim is to simplify the process of creating professional image galleries for the web and mobile devices. Features of Avatar Slide Galleria:- Responsive slider.- Support 3 theme (Classic/ August/ Semtember)- Slide image from Picasa, ...
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    Bohemian Image Gallery is a gallery allows you to create an instant gallery. Simply upload and delete any images for the gallery. No coding skills required.
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    NAH E-Book/Webcomic Displayer comics and e-books web viewer written in PHP. Comics and/or e-books can be added as folders, pages being considered the images inside those folders. For this to actually work, the developer needs to check the README file for file and folder naming conventions. As comics and images are added, the navigation controls automatically get activated. Comments can ...
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    Ajaxmint Gallery is a PHP and MySQL image gallery script. It is very easy to install and get running, Ajaxmint is a perfect fit for small, lightweight, minimalistic image galleries. Features of Ajaxmint Gallery:- Graphic install script- Password protected admin dashboard- Manage multiple galleries- Manage albums inside galleries- Manage pictures inside albums- Add picture title and description- Automatic thumb generation- ...
  6. PHP Watermarker
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    PHP Watermarker is a PHP script for applying watermarks to images. It works by allowing the user (via a GUI) to select a watermark and the original image to apply it to. A demo is included with the download package. Read the instructions before using.
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    FlexPHPic is a simple, free and open source picture admin system, which can add multi-level sub-categories and classify the pictures. All the text in this program is put in one file. Once you edit this file, you can generate a new language version or customize the text in your program. Users can search pictures by keywords, browse pictures online as ...
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    KoschtIT Image Gallery is a PHP-script for an easy viewing of pictures in a web browser. It can be customized and it is possible to have more then one gallery inside a HTML document. Features of KoschtIT Image Gallery:- Image comments- Opens pictures inside a modal- Slideshow mode- Easy manage galleries- Gallery pagination- Direct link for image in the gallery ...
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    Micro Flickr Album is a small and simple PHP script which displays images on your site. You can select any tags, categories to get images from. Besides this you can easy change the number of images and the look and feel via CSS.
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    Image upload script with resize is a PHP image upload script. Make sure you make the "image_files" folder writable on your server. You can specify a maximum file size and maximum image width/height inside the php code. Users can also specify maximum width/height when they upload the image, so that image is scaled down if they want to.
  11. Quick Photo Gallery
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    Quick Photo Gallery is a simple script which can read all images form its own directory and display them as thumbs in a list. Then you can click any thumb to enlarge the image. The script also includes a caching feature that will prevent some server overloading by keeping a low resolution version of each file, this way your images ...
  12. TimThumb
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    TimThumb is a PHP script for cropping, zooming and resizing images and supports images in GIF, JPEG and PNG format. It can be used for local or remote images the same. Since its inception, TimThumb has became a standard in the WordPress world. Requirements:- PHP's GD library
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    SH Slideshow is an image slideshow plugin for WordPress and uses the jQuery Cycle Plugin to rotate images inside a container. It come with a comprehensive and user-friendly user settings panel for customizing the slideshow as fit for any website and layout which can be used as a featured slider or just to showcase some images. Installation:- Unpack and upload ...
  14. Gallery
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    Gallery is an open source web based photo album organizer. After years of development, this is one of the most complete and advanced tools for managing a photo album. Features of Gallery:- Image Magick or NetPBM - pick which image manipulation package you have on your server or want to use.- Auto Rotate Images - Gallery can look at information ...
  15. Indexr
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    Indexr is a simple image gallery script written in PHP. Just place it in the same folder with some images and will do the rest. Features of Indexr:- Sort files by date, name or extension - Filter files by extension- Easily Customize CSS and layout- List all/any filetypes in a specific directory- Resize images or create thumbnails on-the-fly for any ...
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