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Free and open source PHP image gallery scripts. These photo gallery scripts will allow you to showcase or sell your images, artwork or prints online.
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    dThumbMaker can be used to generate thumbnails and apply other effects to images.Features of dThumbMaker:- Generate thumbnails with a given size or limiting the width or height of the image- Add or remove frame borders- Add watermarks- Apply filters to achieve a caricature effectThe class supports most common image formats for loading and saving GIF, JPEG, PNG, and WBMP, and ...
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    Photo Album classes can be used to display photo albums using Javascript so the user can interact with the images without page reloading. Functions of Photo Album classes:- Display a list of thumbnails of the album images stored in server side directories. The thumbnails are created automatically from the full size images.- Display full size images overlayed on top of ...
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    imGallery can be used to show galleries of images from files stored on the server. It can list a given directories to obtain the paths the images and the respective thumbnails in GIF and JPEG format.imGallery generates pages with thumbnails of the listed images. The pages may be generated with HTML using tables or tableless XHTML.Each page has a limited ...
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    Developed for use by professional designers, illustrators, web developers, and photographers, this lets you set up your portfolio site, or a simple image gallery, with no technical hurdles. View the demo, as it comes "out of the box", and see how simple it can be to put to use.
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    Plottable Thumbnail Library is a script that generates thumbnail images on the fly. It may be useful for creating image galleries.The thumbnails can be generated as the current script output or have its file data returned as a string.Plottable Thumbnail Library supports caching the generated thumbnail images in server side files. It requires the PHP GD extension. For remote files, ...
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    This php gallery script is specifically designed for viewing panorama photos. This Gallery includes a copy of PTViewer developed by Helmut Dersch and modified by Fulvio Senore. You can view an example of the gallery by visiting the website and looking for the panorama gallery. Have a look at the read me for more information. No database needed. This gallery ...
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    PHPShowTime which is a PHP image gallery emphasize on transfering images from FTP,can also be customized and congfigured by users. Features of phpShowtime: - Easy "copy only" setup - Transfer your images per FTP, no other steps required - Automatic Thumbnail creation in 3 different sizes- Custom folder thumbails depending on content - Custom captions for every image - High ...
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    The Picturebox allows a user to quickly administer pictures starting at a directory (e.g. " ctures/"), and able to work in all of the directories within it (e.g. " ctures/funnypictures/real lyfunnypictures/"). Furthermore, the Picturebox is extremely lightweight. It is perfect for the website owner who quickly wants to upload some pictures to a directory and work with them. It also ...
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    Simple image gallery that uses a TXT file to organize and show the images.Features of Tabs Gallery TXT: - Script in PHP - Has no limit to the number of images - It's possible to customize the number of images/columns per page - Don't uses SQL - Don't needs installation
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    Tabs Gallery PHP is a simple image gallery made in PHP. Features of Tabs Gallery PHP: - Script in PHP - Has no limit to the number of images - It's possible to customize the number of images/columns per page - Don't uses SQL - Don't needs installation - Show images in a resizable Popup
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    Pictoru's Thumb can be used to generate thumbnails from images in the GIF, JPEG and PNG formats. It can read an image in the GIF, JPEG and PNG formats and create a new true color image with the reduced size for the thumbnail.Pictoru's Thumb can also rotate the image by a given angle. The thumbnail can be generated as the ...
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    Picture of the Day can be used to show a different pictures every day.Picture of the Day can show one or more pictures per page. Each picture file picked randomly from one or more directories.The listed images can be cached.
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    Picture of the Day PHP Script shows daily changing image. Each web page can contain several pictures. Each picture is taken in random order from its own set of directories.Features of Picture of the Day PHP Script:- Unlimited number of images. - Unlimited number of directories. - Unlimited number of images per page. This Script does not require a database. ...
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    PHPSlideShow is the easiest way to create a slide show with your images. Setup is easy, just put phpslideshow.php in a directory containing your images and point your browser to it for a show. Features of PHPSlideShow: - Automatic thumbnail creation. - Zero Configuration Setup for beginners. - CSS/XHTML templates for advanced users. - Thumbnail support.- EXIF comment support. - ...
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    A simple free PHP script for automatically creating a picture gallery from a folder. Just upload Photo Gallery Script (only one file) to a directory with pictures. That's it. No programming skills required. No database is needed. code revised.
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