PHP scripts about HTTP protocol clients, headers and cookies
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    PHP Parameters List can be used to store and retrieve persistent session values that can be recovered even after sessions expire.PHP Parameters List uses PHP sessions to store the values while the user navigates in the site. It uses cookies to store the values for specified period of time (10 days by default), so that those values can be recovered ...
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    Browser Detect can be used to detect the characteristiscs of the browser used to access the current script page.Browser Detect analyzes the User-Agent: HTTP request header and determines which browser is used, its version and the user machine operating system.
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    cURL Class is a simple class that allows you to POST/GET via the php cURL library. Includes cookie file setup.Examples:$curl = new cURL(FALSE);echo $curl->get('');
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    The script Rewriter can rewrite request variables by parsing the request URI in a similar way to what the Apache module mod_rewrite does but without using regular expression based rules. Rewriter allows to map a request to an URL like into the equivalent to a request to;=1 . The mapping is performed by a script that handles page ...
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    Simple Browser Detection is a very simple class that can be used to determine which browser is being used to access the site. The script looks the user-agent name identification and looks for text that match what is used by several known browsers. Simple Browser Detection returns a string with two characters that is an abbreviation of the identified browser. ...
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    When register_globals option is On in php.ini, PHP automatically fills variables like $userName with $HTTP_GET_VARS["username"], and so on. As it represents a security concern, the default value of this option is Off since PHP version 4.2. reGlobal provides two solutions to emulate the setting of register_globals On under PHP installations that have it disabled.- the first solution consists assigning the ...
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    SiteCookie easily handles multiple cookies for a site in one browser cookie.
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    HTTP requests are sent directly or via proxy servers, securely using or not SSL, setting the referrer URL, cookies, custom headers, etc., all configurable options. Requirements: PHP 5 or higher
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    HTTP CURL has options for setting cookies, proxies or user agent of the POST and GET requests. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Lazy Registry Class is Managing globals with the registry pattern. This script provides lazy loading functionallity. This means it is possible to add a callback or class (with arguments) which will be called or instanciated when it is being used for the first time.
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    What is your IP? IP Lookup, IP WHOIS, IP Addres Checker Displays your current IP address Find your IP address here! Features of Turnkey Script: What is your IP?: - PHP Script, - No database, - Easy to install, - Google Adsense ready Requirement: PHP Webhosting
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    docType analyzes the current HTTP request Accept header and depending on whether the browser accepts XHTML documents or not, it creates a DOM document structure with the right DOCType element for XHTML. Regular calls to DOM object functions can be used to compose the rest of the document structure. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    With Mini spiders and bots class, requests can be sent to various types of servers in order to perform different actions. Key Features of Mini spiders and bots class:- Get text phrase correct spelling using Google search spelling suggestions- Get exchange rates from Banca di Italia site- Get weather forecasts from Google- Get shorter URLs using TinyURL- Get the geographic ...
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    Session Cookie Class can set values for a group of variables and store an encrypted version in an cookie with a given name. The script can also handle decrypting the cookie and retrieving the original values. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Php easy :: whois lookup script is intended to lookup for domain registrant data for all top-level domains (both generic and country-code types are supported, 158 TLDs in total), and also for IP whois lookups. What's new in this release Php easy :: whois lookup script:- provides only unique whois results- cuts off comments when querying different whois servers for ...
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