PHP scripts about HTTP protocol clients, headers and cookies
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    requestUtils acts as acentral place to retrieve user submitted data to a page access via the request, form inputs or cookies.Instead of using the super-global variables $_POST, _$GET, $_REQUEST and $_COOKIE, this class can be used instead so the submitted data can be sanitized to prevent well known security attacks like cross-site scripting and SQL injections.requestUtils may also check whether ...
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    Statizier provides you a simple way to hide dinamic sites to web spiders so they can index it. Almost all web-spiders (like Google) can not index dinamic sites due to the parameters present on almost all links in the site.Statizier, along with a simple modification onto your Apache configuration file, allows you to hide all the parameters and dinamic links ...
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    Cookie Objects Class was designed to store and retrieve objects made of composite data items of a custom type in cookies. The information is stored like a bidimensional array of n objects of m items. This classe can be used in applications based on shopping carts.Cookie Objects Class provides means to:- Add new objects- Add new items to each object- ...
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    Class that interfaces with the httperf program to evaluate HTTP server performance and execute stressing tests. Featuresof Httperf server stressing and benchmark tool:- Configuration of server stressing parameters and options.- Generate response graphics.- Example script provides a friendly Web form based interface to configure tests and present the results as graphics or httperf program output text.
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    Simple Session allows you to create, delete and check for existing sessions. It also allows you to get the remaining time for an existing session.
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    Cookie preferences is meant to store and retrieve preference values of an user of a site using cookies. It can be used to store any kind of site user access context value, not only site usage preferences, but also other things like items added by an anonymous user to a shopping cart.The preferences values are stored in an obfuscated format ...
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    Request filter can apply given filter rules to the script request values such as those passed via GET or POST HTTP methods.Currently the class supports rules that specify filters to accept only values that can be strings or integers or do not exceed a given limit.The request values that do not conform to the filter rules can be discarded, so ...
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    MobileUserAgent parses user agent identifier strings from browsers used by mobile devices to extract relevant information. It recognizes many of the current mobile user agent identifier strings and processes them to extract their basic constituent parts, the most important being the mobile device vendor and model.An useful application of this class is to use the extracted information to lookup vendor ...
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    dBrowser consists of several classes that emulate a browser and can be used to extract contents from remote sites.The main class is an HTTP client with support for accessing Web pages via HTTP POST and GET method, handling cookies and HTTP 1.1 chunked responses.There are several other classes that use the HTTP client class to access a few public brazilian ...
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    The gnVisitorInfo class is meant to gather some information about the visitor on your page. The information that is retrieved include: the IP address, the current page HTTP request method, browser identification, user machine operating system, and the country name determined from IP address.Note that you need to install the a database table that is used to determine the country ...
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    HTTP Headers Utility is based on HTTP::Headers::Util. This class provides a few functions useful for parsing and constructing valid HTTP header values.
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    Clean URL is a class that implements a method to make URLs more user and search engine friendly by removing '?' and '=' symbols from URL.This class is meant to be used in conjunction with URL rewriting Web server modules that map the cleaned URLs generated by this class into common URLs with query parameters.
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    Advanced HTTP Client is a http client class.Advanced HTTP Client supports:- HTTP Proxy with Basic Authenticationmultipart/form-data AND application/x-www-form-urlencoded- GET, HEAD and POST methods- HTTP cookies- Chunked Transfer-Encoding- HTTP 1.0 and 1.1 protocols- Keep-Alive Connections- Basic WWW-Authentication
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    SubmitForce is a HTTP based URL submission class.It can submit URLs of pages that you want to be listed by search engine sites using GET or POST methods of form submission.New engines can be added to the engines.dat configuration file.
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    WebDAV client implements a WebDAV protocol client that is nearly conformant to RFC 2518 to modify resources on a HTTP server.It supports operations GET, PUT, MOVE, COPY, etc., either using HTTP/1.0 and HTTP/1.1.
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