PHP scripts about HTTP protocol clients, headers and cookies
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    Post and Get methods is a very simple class that wraps the access to the GET and POST method request arguments.It provides functions to retrieve the values of POST or GET parameter given its name. If the named parameter was not defined, the functions return false.
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    cParseurl is a very simple class that wraps around the parse_url PHP function.cParseurl can parse an URL and store the URL parts in class variables for the URL scheme, host, domain, top level domain, port, user, password and query arguments.If the URL scheme is missing, it assumes it is http .
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    Recover Stream can be used to serve content for download in a way that can be suspended and resumed with download manager programs like GetRight or similar.There is a base class that is capable of recognizing download requests with attempts to resume previously suspended downloads.There are two implementation classes that can be used to handle resumed downloads of static files ...
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    Most browsers usually send the URL of a page the user accessed before and clicked on a link or submited a form that lead to the current page. That information is usually passed to PHP scripts in HTTP_REFERER environment variable.CReferrer is meant to parse the HTTP referer URL of the page that lead the user to the current page and ...
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    Allows to find out the client's browser language settings and check for given locales in those settings.
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    Browser Info is meant to parse the HTTP user agent text string to extract details about the user browser type and version, the user operating system type and version.Browser Info can detect many types of browsers or crawling bots as well many types of operating systems.
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    Form submit is meant to submit form data via GET or POST method using HTTP protocol requests and then capture the response data into a variable.
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    clsCookie is meant to pass multiple values between pages using encrypted cookies.Functions of clsCookie:- Create a cookie object in memory- Load the values of a cookie sent back by the browser into the cookie object in memory- Assign multiple values to the cookie object in memory. Multiple cookie values are sent to the browser at once with names with array ...
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    URL Encoder is used to encode data being passed between two sources that can be either two pages via URL arguments or by any other data storage media like databases, files or sessions variables. It works by taking an array of variables and their values and encode it using a private key only known by the server scripts to create ...
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    Query String can manipulate query strings used in HTTP requests that are used to pass arguments and values to page scripts. It can get and set argument values, delete arguments and count the number of ocurrences in a given query string.
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    Query String Manipulator allows you to change and add variables in query strings, add arrays to them, and then output it in a few different ways.
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    sIPb can keep track of a list of IP addresses of HTTP clients that are not welcome to access a Web Server. It can start blocking the current user IP address and keep the block for a given period.sIPb takes note of the user IP address and the time of the moment when the blocking is started. That information is ...
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    skad_class can add and show your referers. It may be used to determine from which search engine the users are coming to a site. This class uses one table of a MySQL database.
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    Sniff Response 4b can be used to detect the user browser type and its category based on expected capabilities.Sniff Response 4b analyzes the user agent string and depending on the detected browser type it can assign to one of 4 groups: not OK, just OK, modern, and unknown. The browser name and version is also detected.Sniff Response 4b can help ...
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    URLHelper gives you access to the http header information and provides some help for retrieving and parsing urls.FUNCTIONS of URLHelper:function isURLAvailable($url)function isValidURLFormat($url, $strict=false)function addHTTPtoURL($url)function getHTTPStatusCode($url)function getRealURL ($url, $simple = true, $method = "HEAD")function getHTTPHeader($url)function getMD5FromURL($url, $estFilesize=500000)function _openHTTPConnection($url, $method = "HEAD")
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