PHP scripts about HTTP protocol clients, headers and cookies
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    MyCurl automatically detects whether the cURL library is available. If it is not available, it defines several functions with the same names of the cURL extension that use the class to emulate part the original functionality.The curl_init, curl_exec, curl_setopt and curl_close functions are currently supported. Several of the most important options can be set with the curl_setopt function.Requirements: PHP 3.0 ...
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    Gonx Proxy is meant to act as an HTTP proxy to serve pages of a remote server as if they were local pages.It fetches remote pages and translates all HTML tags of links and images, background image attributes and external style sheet references to use the URLs based on the current script URL.
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    The HtmlSource class is a simple way of retrieving, and stripping, HTML source from any website, given a URL. HtmlSource supports GET and POST methodsand also cookies.
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    PHP Cookie Class can be used to manipulate HTTP request cookie values. It can wrap the setting of cookie properties like the name, value, expiry date and path restriction.Once the cookie properties are set, PHP Cookie Class can issue the cookie header. PHP Cookie Class can also extract cookie values set for the current request.
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    Encode Cookie is meant to store and retrieve information in cookies securely by using secret encryption key.
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    Cellophane can be used as a wrapper to manipulate the values of site cookies.The base class cookieBase can be used directly to access and manipulate the contents of cookies. It can be extended to allow storage of data types other than strings in cookies within the limits of size of the cookies.There is also one sub-class named cookieArray, which makes ...
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    HTTP Request can gather information about the HTTP request that triggered the execution of the current PHP script.HTTP Request can gather information about the request parameters, path, URL, GET and POST parameters, cookies, the remote user IP address, character sets supported by the user browser.The data received via _GET, _POST or _COOKIE is fixed to escape the eventual magic quote ...
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    secShield takes a string with a list of parameters like the query parameters of an URL. It returns a string with the parameters encrypted with a secret key that should be used as a single parameter in a link URL.The integrity of the parameters can be verified and they can be decrypted. If the encrypted parameters are not valid in ...
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    Cookie Handler Class can be used to store and retrieve serialized variables in cookies. It can take an array of values and store its serialized representation in a cookie. It can also unserialized a cookie value to retrieve the original array.Cookie Handler Class can handle cookies with non-serialized values, as well destroy cookies by setting their expiry date to the ...
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    web20vnRouter takes a definition of the patterns of URLs that are expected when the users access the site pages, and extracts the relevant parameters that define what actions should be taken.Static class variables are used to store the extracted parameters.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    HTTPPost class posts an array of data to a given URL using rfc2616 - Hypertext Trany of dataocol -- HTTP/1.1.
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    HTTP class is a simple class that can be used as a wrapper to access data from remote servers via the HTTP protocol. It uses the PHP fopen wrapper support to access HTTP servers. It can access servers that require basic authentication using a user name and a password.Purpose of HTTP class is to be able to transfer individual data ...
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    Smart URI can be used to wrap the service of the requests to all pages of a site using a single PHP script. It takes as argument an array that defines the mapping patterns of request URI to wrapper scripts that should be executed within a safe container when the given URI patterns are matched.If a wrapper script sets an ...
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    HTTP client class uses sockets opened with either fscokopen or the cURL library, depending on which is available in the current PHP setup.Key Features of HTTP client class:- Supports to HTTP Basic authentication- Supports defining custom request headers- Supports defining connection timeout values- Supports defining user agent and referral URL- Supports both user-defined and persistent cookies- Supports secure connections (HTTPS)- ...
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    The arrays of request super-global variables, $_GET, $_POST, $_REQUEST and $_COOKIE, are traversed.User Input Sanitation escapes the values of the request variables add escape slashes characters to quotes, backslashes and NUL characters, so the values can be used in database queries without further escaping.Simple logic and methods are used to clean malicious input and make database interaction a bit safer.Requirements:PHP ...
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