PHP HTML script is mainly used as HTML code generator. With these scripts, you can easily generate HTML Form, HTML Table, Bread Crumb Navigation, Multi Level Menu, Category Tree View Code, etc.
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    VSFlexGrid XP is meant to compose and output the contents of an HTML table similarly to the VSFlexGrid component for Visual Basic. It is a PHP 5 version of other class with the same name and for the same purpose. VSFlexGrid XP supports defining in a first step the contents and presentation style details of table headers and data rows ...
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    Print Line Table generates HTML table reports from associative arrays with data that define the header titles and the contents of the rows. Functions of Print Line Table:- Display the first row with the titles of the columns- Highlight rows with special colors when the user drags the mouse pointer over them- Display links for given pages where eventually details ...
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    Pages Summary is meant to generate an HTML navigation bar made of links to browse content that is split over several pages, like for instance listings made of data from database query result records.Pages Summary can execute a given MySQL query to determine the how many records there are in total in the complete result set and then generate the ...
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    sql2table is designed to provide a easy way to display mysql sql content in HTML table form with pages information and navigation link.
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    phpStyleSheetViewer will allow you to preview your Style Sheet and have a sample of what every element in your style sheet will look like on your site. Having the sample class elements visually, will help you to build your web front end faster and more efficiently. Just paste and copy your style sheet in phpStyleViewer's text box or Upload it ...
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    The object will write the correct (X)HTML headers for any supported HTML set (HTML 4.01/5, XHTML 1.0/1.1/5/…) along with sending the appropriate HTTP 1.1 headers. If the User Agent does not support XHTML (all versions of IE), it will fallback to HTML 4. You may also choose to deny serving the content, if the requesting UA doesn’t support HTML. There ...
  7. Entitize Class for PHP 5
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    This is a very class that can be used to convert text into numeric HTML entities. It converts all characters of a text string into HTML as numeric entities.
  8. ContentBBcode Parser
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    This class can be used to parse and reformat BBCode like tags as HTML. The class recognizes special tags that start with the name rk: OR rk_ . When these are found in the content text with this BBCode like tags, it looks up in a SQLite database for the PHP code that can process the tags that were found. ...
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    This class is meant to retrieve and process content data from a site with given URL or from a given file. The class can retrieve the data and filter it into multiple blocks split by a given block separator, strip Javascript code, strip HTML tags and extract data with a given regular expression. The comments in the class code are ...
  10. Chumastext_lib
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    This class can be used to replace text with HTML to color and convert letter.It can replace text sections with color names and styles with in square bracket tags with HTML span tags with color styles.The class can also convert letters with accents with the respective HTML entities. Ruquirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    This class allows you to define BBCode tags, and then parse text with them.
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    This class can be used to generate HTML forms from a specification string. It takes a text string that defined all the details of all input of the form to be generated. The input definition includes the name, type and if the input is required. The class generates the necessary HTML to present the form with the specified required displaying ...
  13. Ajax Linked Select boxes
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    Place linked select boxes on to your page that dynamicaly load items from database using Ajax. You can chain as many select boxes as you like. This is the start of a series of little helper classes for saving time re-writing small stuff that occure on a form again and again, like a select box filled with values from a ...
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    This class can be used to display links to browse listings split in pages. It takes as parameters the limit number of entries to show per listing page and the total number of entries in the whole listing, and the current page number. The class generates HTML links to go to the first, last and intermediate pages of the listing.
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    This class can be used to compose HTML and XML documents programmatically.It can add tags to the document by calling functions of the class with the same name of the tags, passing tag attributes and data values as function arguments.The class may also search for tags inside others by tag ID or value Requirement: PHP 5.0
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