PHP HTML script is mainly used as HTML code generator. With these scripts, you can easily generate HTML Form, HTML Table, Bread Crumb Navigation, Multi Level Menu, Category Tree View Code, etc.
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    Query Paging is a PHP solution to show links to browse listing split in multiple pages. It parameters the number of listing rows and the number of current page, and then generate links to browse to the next, previous and intermediate listing pages.Users can limit the number of entries per page as like, and the links presentation style can also ...
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    CatchMyFame Pagination script is the most lightweight, feature-rich, and easy to use PHP pagination script, which allows you to easily generate page numbers and restrict database results without having to create complex pagination code of your own. It supports previous/next links generation, jump to page dropdown and has the ability to select number of records per page.
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    phpFormBuilder is designed to generate and process HTML forms, This PHP script can be used to process the data submitted through the forms. It can also compose a form with all types of basic fields by adding all field definitions programmatically. Requirements:- PHP 5.2 or higher
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    PHP 4 HTML DOM is a DOM based light weight/high speed PHP HTML parser compatible with PHP4 and Higher. It can parse HTML and access nodes with a DOM API. This free PHP script goes over an HTML document, parses it and builds a structure of node objects that can be accessed using a DOM like API.Requirements:- PHP 4.3 or ...
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    AJAXFilterSelect is a HTML_QuickForm element designed to provide a dropdown select element populated with results from an AJAX-enabled search field. It is PHP script based on PEAR::HTML_AJAX. AjaxFilterSelect must be given valid callback information, which tells it where to retrieve the search results.
  6. slGrid
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    slGrid uses a plugin system to define how table cell contents should be displayed. For example, you can transform an email address into a clickable mailto-link. There is a special plugin that is called before a new row is added to the table when in editing mode (MODE_EDIT). This allows you to run additional filters on the user input (for ...
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    PHP Oracle Grid aims to display Oracle query results in an HTML table. It can execute a given SQL query and then generate an HTML table in which the query results displayed. The presentation of the table rows is configurable using CSS styles. Headers, odd and even rows can use different CSS styles.When the user drags the mouse a row, ...
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    Bread crumb page navigation is the PHP script used to display bread crumbs links to pages visited by the user. By storing their URLs in a session variable as HTML links, it can track pages visited by users. This script can generate bread crumb like navigation bars. It outputs an HTML ordered list of navigation links.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or higher
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    jQuery tabs is a simple PHP script used to generate HTML to display tabs using jQuery. It can add one or more tab links and also the respective content sections. This PHP script can generate HTML lists and entries that appear as tabs when displayed with jQuery Javascript and CSS.Requirements:- PHP 3.0 or higher
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    This PHP script can be used to manipulate dates, HTML and text strings and other utilities. It provides general purpose functions for manipulating dates like formatting dates, calculating the difference of time between two dates, etc.. The script manipulates HTML and text strings, generating JavaScript tags for common purposes, validates common text formats, converts accent letters to HTML entities, remove ...
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    Blitz HTML Parser and Analyzer can be used to parse and analyze HTML documents. It used the DOM document extension to parse HTML documents. This script can also analyze the parsed documents and return the document encoding, base URL, meta tags, title, links, images, document text, words in tags h1, title, a, a title, img alt, DOCTYPE, words weights and ...
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    PHP HTML 5 can be used to generate article pages using HTML 5 syntax. It can assign content for the article body, header, footer, navigation, sections, and aside content. PHP HTML 5 assembles all the defined content and returns it as a single string with HTML 5 markup. Requirement: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Loading Div can be used to display an animation while a page is loading. It generates HTML and Javascript to be outputted in the beginning of a page that makes an animated GIF image appear over the page while it is loading. The animated image disappears when the pages finishes loading. Requirement: PHP 4.0 or higher
  14. Select php generator class
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    This free Select PHP code generator script generates the html code that displays a select menu like the one shown below. It saves you the time and effort of creating the code manually and allows you to easily modify the contents of the menu whenever you want easily.
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    This script can be used to display data from MySQL, objects or arrays in HTML tables. It can generate an HTML table with cells that contain data retrieved from MySQL query result rows, arrays or objects. Objects and arrays can be traversed recursively if they contain array values. Requirement: PHP 5.0 or Higher
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