PHP HTML script is mainly used as HTML code generator. With these scripts, you can easily generate HTML Form, HTML Table, Bread Crumb Navigation, Multi Level Menu, Category Tree View Code, etc.
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    This is a very simple PHP web contact form. It can be included in any page, allowing users to send out feedback to a website's owner.It comes packaged withall the functions needed to actually take the submitted data and send it to a website's email contact address.
  2. Simple User
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    This PHP Script can be used to register and manage user accounts in MySQL records.There is one script that can create the necessary MySQL tables and records to store user records starting with the administrator account. Another script can perform several types of operations to manipulate the user accounts like displaying and processing forms to register new users, login and ...
  3. Country list
    404 total visits
    Country list is a PHP geography script which can be used to retrieve country lists for select form inputs. It can return the country name of a given country code, as well get the country code associated to a given country name.The script can also generate HTML for select form input to let users choose a country from the list ...
  4. Zebra Pagination
    798 total visits
    This generic PHP Pagination script will automatically generates navigation links given the total number of items and the number of items per page. It generates HTML links to the previous, next and any middle pages. The style of the navigation links is configurable using CSS styles. As parameters, developers need to pass the total number of listing entries, the current ...
  5. Nibble forms
    380 total visits
    This PHP script is mainly used to generate HMLT forms and validate HTML forms. It composes and generates HTML forms by adding to the form objects that define the behavior of each form input. The input object classes may also implement several types of validation for verifying the form input values. Support and classes are provided for field objects of ...
  6. twzCronChart
    546 total visits
    This PHP 5 script is created to shows a simple Gantt chart of cron tasks by parsing the crontab to extract task and scheduling information. twzCronChart provides methods to retrieve the number of cron tasks, the cron line for each task, and the next or last date for any task. This script aims to make easier for you to manipulate ...
  7. HTML Tag
    411 total visits
    This PHP script is designed to compose HTML pages programmatically. A set of classes consisted in this script to abstract most of HTML tags that can be added to a HTML document being composed calling those class object functions. HTML Tag script can also process templates to compose HTML documents.
  8. Page Navigator - with median
    317 total visits
    This PHP Script is developed to generate paginated listing metadata. It can take as parameters the total numbers of entries in a list, the number of the current page, the limit of entries to display per page and the base URL of the listing pages. Page Navigator - with median script returns an associative array with metadata to be used ...
  9. Tag Builder
    435 total visits
    This PHP script is created to generate HTML tags programmatically. It composes the definition of an HTML tage, such as its attributes, CSS styles and tag content. Once defined, this script can return the HTML for the specified tag.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or Higher
  10. HTMList
    297 total visits
    To create and manipulate HTML output programatically is the goal of this PHP script. It can be used to render HTML code blocks from parameters passed to the class functions. Many other types of functions are provided by HTMList to implement operations to manipulate the created HTML blocks, such as adding tags or content before or after a block and ...
  11. Another Form generator
    612 total visits
    This PHP script is created to generate and validate HTML Forms, it first add inputs of the basic types to the composition of the form, and then generate HTML to present the form. Another Form generator script assigns different validation rules to verify a separate class for each imput. Each input may have its own label and error messages to ...
  12. Fast Site
    456 total visits
    This PHP script can be used to generate HTML documents programatically. It compose an HTML document by calling functions to set different page element values like the page title, document type, character set, meta tags, and JavaScript code. This script merges sereral parameter tags and outputs an HTML document with header and footer.Requirements:- PHP 5 or higher
  13. allowHTML
    452 total visits
    This PHP script is mainly used to filter insecure HTML code using the OWASP AntiSamy rules. It can parse HTML documents using DOM document objects and then remove unsafe tags, attributes and CSS parameters. You can change the whitelist in configrration file to detemine which tags, attributes and css style parameters are allowed. This script may also apply filtering rules ...
  14. No Screenshot
    332 total visits
    This PHP script is mainly used to display MySQL query results in a sortable HTML table. It executes a given MySQL query and generates HTML and Javascript to display the query results in an HTML table which can be sorted dunamically with the aid of a jQuery library table sorter plugin.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or higher
  15. No Screenshot
    629 total visits
    OPC Data Grid provides an easy interface to create tables using multi-dimensional arrays, which is most likely gathered from a database. Data taken from a supplied PHP data array will be analyzed and structured inside an HTML table by this PHP Script. It can also be used to add the columns of the table to be displayed and generates HTML ...
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