PHP HTML script is mainly used as HTML code generator. With these scripts, you can easily generate HTML Form, HTML Table, Bread Crumb Navigation, Multi Level Menu, Category Tree View Code, etc.
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    php_form_generator allows you to create fast a simple interface to manage the every day database querys so you don`t need to waste time in doing theese bore forms that insert, read, and list or delete recors from a database.php_form_generator works with both MySQL and ODBC and generates a specific class and a simgle html form driven menu to interface your ...
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    Vision.To Form Elements can be used to programatically generate form elements.It provides means to generate the main form tag with an optional legend, and all other standard types of inputs like text, password, file, checkbox, radio, submit, reset, hidden.The generated HTML output is compliant with XHTML.
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    baaSelect is meant to generate select form inputs that are linked dynamically with options populated from values taken from a database.baaSelect generates the HTML code to output the the linked select inputs and also the necessary Javascript code to make the options of a second select input be updated when the user changes the option of the first select input.
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    Library intended to lock form processing. For example, you can use it to process double Submit click.
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    PHP Scraper is meant to fetch remote HTML pages and parse them to extract structured information into arrays. It can take a model of the definition of the structure of a given page and process it to clip the relevant fields of information.
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    html.class.php is a simple class to compose and output HTML document by calling functions of the class to define the document HTML tags.The details of the HTML tags are passed as parameters of the class functions.html.class.php provides functions to define HTML tags for the most common purposes, such as:- Paragraphs- Text formatting- Tables- Links- Forms- Images- Frames- Document structure and ...
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    AutoFill can generate form text input values that can automatically complete the values entered by the user with a given list pre-defined values. It generates the necessary Javascript code to add auto-complete support to a form text input with a given identifier.You can define the maximum number of options that will be displayed to let the user pick one that ...
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    phpFormGenerator is a class that can generate scripts to output and process Web forms for entering data to insert as a new row of a given MySQL table.The class takes the resource handle of the result of a query to retrieve the names of the fields of a MySQL database table. Then it uses the result set field names to ...
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    baaGrid is a versatile data grid class that is meant to present database query results. Also produces cross-tabs (pivot tables).baaGrid supports displaying totals, subtotals, definining row and column styles and conditional cell highlighting. It supports querying databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL and others via ODBC.
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    CGrid class creates an array with titles of columns.Properties:- table // Instance of recordset- titles // Array with titles of columns- colsSize // Size of each colum- colsOrder // Name of fields to ORDER BY SQL- titlesBgColor // BgColor of Titles- titlesOnColor // BgColor of selected title- titlesOffColor // BgColor of non selected- listColor // Color of content- overRow // ...
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    B-Forms contains a set of classes for composing and generating HTML forms that resemble the Oracle Forms structure: a form consists of blocks, which consist of properties and may have multiple rows.To define a custom form you do not need to derive this forms class. You just create instances of form element classes and define triggers to handle form events ...
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    Paging Class can retrieve and display MySQL database query results split in multiple pages.The paging class generates the HTML for all the navigation links to go to the first, last, next and previous pages, given the total number of records in the result set and the limit number of records to display per page.
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    Pagination is a set of classes is meant to generate navigation bars to display database query result sets split in multiple pages.Pagination is based on the factory design pattern that is used to create objects of specific classes to provide the result set pagination support with different databases.
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    MySQL Paginator can be used execute MySQL database SQL queries and display the results split in multiple HTML pages. It can connect to a given MySQL database and execute an SQL table.Then MySQL Paginator can display a limited number of results in an HTML table with links to navigate between the pages that show other parts of the query results.
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    EasyPagination is meant to present the records of a MySQL database query split between multiple pages.Features of EasyPagination:- Setting current page- Setting the records listed in each page- Getting the total number of records retrieved- Setting the query for searching records- Using the same query to gets the total number of records- Defining the additional parameters that may be necessary ...
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