PHP HTML script is mainly used as HTML code generator. With these scripts, you can easily generate HTML Form, HTML Table, Bread Crumb Navigation, Multi Level Menu, Category Tree View Code, etc.
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    parseCSS, a class for parsing CSS files or strings. Features of parseCSS:- Returns associative array containing all css parameters.- Generates a css from associative array.- Package also includes demo code for using this class with Flash file so that a Flash animation can use styles from CSS stylesheet (Code by Feike Brouwer).Example: associative array $oCSS->css["body"]["font-size"]="12pt;"
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    classHTML, despite is incomplete yet, is fully functional. It is meant to generate HTML code completely from PHP, with beautiful output.
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    Safe keyword highlight highlight text that matches a given search string (keyword) in HTML based documents, without affecting any HTML tags.This may be useful for processing text and highlight against a glossary of terms for example, or page excerpts returned from search results (like Google).
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    DMenuGenerator can generate HTML menus with entries that can trigger Javascript actions when they are clicked. It provides means to define the menu entry labels, presentation styles and the Javascript code to associate to each entry.The comments in the class are in English and Portuguese.
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    DBquery is a very simple class that can execute MySQL database queries in a single call to the constructor and displays the query results in an HTML.
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    HTML Generator can be used to compose and output HTML documents programmatically. It provides means to compose an HTML document by adding tags and data to it.The generated HTML code is fully compliant with W3 consortium HTML standards.
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    Cascade Select Associative generates two HTML form select type inputs making the currently selected value on the first input determine the option values that are made available on the second.It is an enhanced version of the original class developed by Vedanta Barooah. It provides means to the define the list of dependent option values as associative arrays.Cascade Select Associative also ...
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    FF Form is meant to generate Web forms filling field values with data taken from a MySQL database. The class fill the values of select fields, radio and checkbox field groups.
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    Form Class provides a easy and useful methods for creating Html form tags.
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    Forms class is an improved version of Formitable class by Gamaiel Zavala. It is meant to generate forms to submit records of a MySQL database table.Functions of Forms class:- Validation of fields.- Sort the fields.- Disable certain fields.- Hide certain fields.- Create froms directly from the table.- Force types of some fields to be a radio or check box.- Automatic ...
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    MyPagina pagination class can be used to execute MySQL SELECT queries and split the results in multiple pages with links to navigate between them.The class can generate navigation links given a MySQL query, the number of results to show per page and the number of the results page currently being displayed. The class does not list the actual query results.
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    AutoformBQ means "automatic form By Query". It is a package to dynamically generate forms to edit or insert records into a MySQL database table.After you have successfully executed MySql query, autoformBQ processes the result set metadata and determines the columns and tables to create the form to edit an existing record or to insert the data for a new record.There ...
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    AuriumForm can output HTML forms with fields of all the standard types. You just need to set the configuration of the attributes of each field in an array.AuriumForm can be easily enhanced to support add new input types. It also supports aliases to minimize the code that needs to be written to use the class.The presentation of each field can ...
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    Form Maker can be used to generate Web forms for editing database table records. It can define form fields using SQL queries to retrieve value and parameters to configure the fields definitions.Form Maker can be used to build forms with the need of passing HTML explicitly or using templates. Currently it uses ADODB to access a database but the interface ...
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    metaForm can generate and validate forms composed with fields defined in XML files. The generated forms can use a Javascript remoting scripting library to invoke remote PHP scripts without submiting the forms.metaForm consists of:- PHP class xmlForm, based on the original written by Herman Veluwenkamp to generate HTML forms from XML configuration file- PHP class dbUndo (in the class.undo.php file) ...
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