PHP HTML script is mainly used as HTML code generator. With these scripts, you can easily generate HTML Form, HTML Table, Bread Crumb Navigation, Multi Level Menu, Category Tree View Code, etc.
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    Provides an ISO standard list of countries and abbreviations in a state-maintaining popup menu.Requirements:my popup_menu.php class
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    A Class to render automagically Form Fields Html code. I use it in combination with a table that contains the fields description like type, name, javascript events, text, default options, and so.
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    tag classes takes an HTML tag that has an open and a closing tag, like for instance or foo bar, and breaks it down for easy editing.tag classes can also regenerate an HTML tag from its definition of the markup, attributes and content, eventually after it has been parsed and edited.
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    HTML Editor is meant to dynamically compose and output HTML documents. It provides functions to add many different types of the HTML elements to the document that is being composed.Used with PEAR::HTML_Table and PEAR::HTML_Forms or other PEAR::HTML_* classes provides a complete interface to create HTML documents of any complication or parts of HTML formatted text on the fly.With HTML Editor ...
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    Basic CSS Form Generator is a very simple class for composing and generating HTML forms. It generates valid XHTML Transitional HTML code and uses CSS to define the presentation details of the inputs.
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    Interactive Link Info is mean to generate a link that displays information about it in a pop-up when you click on a text icon adjacent to the link.A description paragraph will drop down underneath the link. The paragraph can subsequently be closed by clicking the same icon.This capability is an excellent alternative for when you do not want to use ...
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    DatePicker is a class to generate HTML form fields for choosing dates. It uses javascript to check and generate valid a day for the selected month, considering for leap year.DatePicker remembers its values after invalid form submission. This means that when the user submits a form, the class keeps track of the submitted values. The class also provide the possility ...
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    CSS parser is able to parse CSS files making the properties available for examination and further processing.
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    A class for building the big list of country selections, with some parameterization.
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    An easy to use PHP class to display a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file in the form of an HTML table.
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    form_db creates a HTML-Form with data from a database record. The database can be updated with the changed data from the form.
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    Formcat is a class for performing form validation on the client side. The goal of Formcat is to generate Javascript code to validate forms before they are submited to the server.It works as a plug-in for the Smarty template engine. It is a good complement SmartyValidate plug-in that performs server side validation.It supports many built-in validation criteria: empty, range, length, ...
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    ListBox class is a listbox with database-support.
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    Emoticon is a simple class that can replace sequences of text characters used to represent emoticons by the HTML tags of the corresponding image icons.It can be used in applications that present any type of text messages like forums, chats, chatter boxes, comments, guestbooks, webmail, etc..
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    Snap IT will help to put image and flash(.swf) on your page, so you can make a content updater that enable you to upload image or flash file and display them properly.
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