PHP HTML script is mainly used as HTML code generator. With these scripts, you can easily generate HTML Form, HTML Table, Bread Crumb Navigation, Multi Level Menu, Category Tree View Code, etc.
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    Show a textarea with text from database you can change.
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    PhpReportsMSSQL can generate report HTML pages from given SQL database queries. It supports either MySQL and Microsoft SQL server databases.PhpReportsMSSQL takes as parameters the database type, the database access arguments, an SQL query strings, the title of the report page, number of records to show in a page. It executes the SQL query and display the results in an HTML ...
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    Class to create, validate, and render html forms. Keep you seperate html syntax and php script.
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    Fast Split MySQL Result is meant to split MySQL query results in multiple pages with HTML tables. It uses Javascript to generate the navigation links.
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    Key Highlighter is a simple class that can look for given keywords on the current script output and alter it to highlight the matched keywords in a special way that can be configured.Optionally Key Highlighter is possible to use it with my CReferrer class and have an automatic way to highlight the keywords that may have been used in a ...
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    HTML Forms Objects HtmlFormsObjects is meant to generate an HTML dropdown list.HTML Forms Objects is only necessary to call the method GenerateDropDownList and passing its parameters like is shown in the example on bottom of the class file.
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    Create Forms and Tables. Multiples options.
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    swemc can connect of a MySQL database, execute SQL query and output the query results in HTML tables.Functions of swemc:- Execute select, update, insert and delete SQL queries- Output query results in HTML tables that can have their presentation customized with CSS.- Output HTML tables also customizable with CSS with the results of queries that retrieve single database table records- ...
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    Very simple class for faster building of table-rollovers (changing bgcolor for rows or cells) js-scripts.
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    Basic Table Generator is meant to compose and manipulate the layout of tables to be outputted in HTML.It has functions to define the rows, columns, normal cells, header cells, add and remove rows or columns, split or join cells, and output the final table layout in HTML.The variables and the functions in the class code are in Portuguese
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    Try to simplify and improve Sword Su's menutree class.
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    message lets you create HTML message boxes.You can change the box title, the message box content including either text or images, as well the message box presentation details like the width, border, alignment and colors.
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    Cities Israel can generate form select inputs with israeli cities. The generated form select inputs associate israeli city names in Hebrew with the respective identifier numbers, divided by zones.Cities Israel can generate two linked select inputs: one with the list of zones and another with the list of cities of each zone. The class generates HTML with Javascript code that ...
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    form-o-mat is meant to generate and validate HTML forms using a few functions to define inputs, load and validate the submitted values, and output the form.form-o-mat lets the developer define individual form inputs or inputs that usually are added in logical groups like groups of radio buttons or checkboxes.When the form inputs are added to the form composition the class ...
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    A "better" CountryList class. Supports German, English and Frensh ISO 3166 Country Codes and Names.
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