PHP HTML script is mainly used as HTML code generator. With these scripts, you can easily generate HTML Form, HTML Table, Bread Crumb Navigation, Multi Level Menu, Category Tree View Code, etc.
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    A textbox with odbc-database support.
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    This SelectBox comes with the 3 most important features you could think of:- adding items manually- as 1 but with db-support- hyperlinks.
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    Class printSimpelColumns is intended for writing tables in console mode, but can also be used in connection with HTML. The printSimpelColumns is using the C style text formatting. A working example is included.
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    XHTML Validator can validate XHTML documents. It may also validate other types of XML documents. It can validate a XHTML document first determining whether it is well-formed and then verifying whether it uses only valid tags and attributes. The list of tags and attributes accepted as valid is configurable.If there is an error, it can provide detailed information about what ...
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    Page highlighter is used for browsing the web and highlighting some words in the page using regexp, which is more comfortable than strg-f in browser.
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    treemenu2.php3 is a modification on Sword Su's code. You can now collapse menus without having to click on another. I also refined the html a bit. I am currentlyworking on an easy way to implement nested menus.
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    Blocks is a simple class that is meant to output colored blocks of mark different sections of HTML page. You can define the color, the current HTML generation time and custom text that will appear in each block.
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    LSMTableGenerator can generate HTML tables from cell data and presentation details defined programatically.The table cell data is passed to the class as a two dimensional array. The generated table may present the cell data with horizontal or vertical orientation.LSMTableGenerator also supports setting the table headers, as well the border width, spacing, padding and foreground and background colors and fonts for ...
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    Parses a string that contains URLs or email addresses, and automatically replaces them with html link code. You can also easily change the format of a link.linker.class.php is intelligent in that it uses regular expresses to extract URLs and email address even if within punctuation such as parenthesis or up against an ending punctuation character such as a period, semi-colon, ...
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    Table Element generates HTML tables just by defining the contents of the table cells. All the attributes of the HTML tags (table, tr and td) can be set using the class functions, including the attributes for defining the table elements event handling Javascript code.The contents of the cells can be defined specifying the cell row and column coordinates. If there ...
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    Utility to generate, with three lines of code, a drop down menu with 7821 Italian 'Comuni'.
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    Replaces the UBB tags listed below with HTML tags, and vice versa. It also keeps the line feeds in the text and removes all HTML tags.UBB Tags:[b]...[/b] bold[i]...[/i] italic[code]...[/code] source code[img], [/img] images[quote]...[/quote] blockquote[url]http//[/url] links[url=http//]name[/url] links[email][/email] email link[]name[/email] email linkAdditional Tags:[u]...[/u] underline[center]..[/center] center[color=name]...[/color] colorsFUNCTIONS of UBBCode:function encode($str)function decode($str)function strip($str)function listCodes()
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    highlighting_skipphtml can be used to highlight words in of text in HTML. Matches in the html tags will be skipped.
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    Forms from PHP allows you to create forms from within PHP without having to worry about what HTML to use.
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    FloatObjects is one class to create floats objects in php/html body.
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