PHP HTML script is mainly used as HTML code generator. With these scripts, you can easily generate HTML Form, HTML Table, Bread Crumb Navigation, Multi Level Menu, Category Tree View Code, etc.
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    Bounce Handler can be used to parse bounced message reports. It parses e-mail messages with multipart report content type formatted according to RFC 1892 and 1894 documents.If the bounce is not well formed, it also tries to extract some useful information. Exim is supported, partially. Please send bounce messages from your busted MTA, I'll extend the class to support them.Bounce ...
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    SplitResults is a class which splits the database results and the results will be displayed in many pages as the search engine result.
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    Small class for preventing that data is sent more than one time by a user if he presses Reload on his browser by setting a token that is written to the session and also placed as a hidden filed in a form. If those two values aren't the same, you get a boolean false by the isValid() function.
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    Simple HTML form creation is meant to create HTML forms by outputting the HTML tags of its elements one by one. It can be more useful in combination with template engine classes.
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    Tona Smileys is meant to replace smiley tags with images defined in a table of a MySQL database.
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    SplitPageResult is a class for splitting Interbase/Firebird/non MySQL database query results in multiple pages. As you may know, with the 'LIMIT' clause supported in MySQL SQL syntax, it is easy to paginate data. Since other databases do not support this clause, it is difficult to split large query result sets.SplitPageResult uses a loop to skip result set rows according to ...
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    QTag can build a nested structure of tag objects that define the contained tags, data and tag attributes.The tag object structure can be traversed recursively in order to generate all the tags and the contained data and tags structure.Requirements: PHP 5 or higher
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    gnPaginate creates navigation page number links.Types of page numbers links supported are:- Page number links for all pages.- Floating page numbers with Next/Prev links- All page numbers with Next/Prev links
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    Show interactive table representing database-values. Order-by and many other options available.
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    WebWidgets is a library of classes to produce any HTML(XML) documents, create, validate forms. It allow to create any "complicated" forms easy.Any tag is an object. Your can build tags tree by inserting one tag into another and get its content as HTML. Based upon "Composite" OOP patern. Library is very flexible, so your may derive your own classes.
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    Places a normal or special body-tag. Special tag updates the parent window and closes automaticaly.
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    multi allows to populate the select form field with multiple choices from the database. Its very easy and simple to use.
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    strob is a simple class that can obfuscate text that can be used in Web pages and can difficult harvesting by spammer Web crawling robots.strob works by converting text characters into equivalent HTML entities. It can also generate mailto: links replacing e-mail address and anchor text by equivalent representations that are obfuscated.
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    linked_select classes generates 2 form select elements linked together, so changes on primary select rebuild the list of values for secondary select. It is crossbrowser for IE 5.x,NS4.x & NS5 (Gecko/NS6).
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    Be sure to download the GIFs in the links section and put them in the same directory as the class and example file. htRoundedMenus is meant to generate navigation menus with headings and options under each heading.The menus have rounded corners on top edges. Font style, background or foreground colors, and the width of the menus may be changed.
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