PHP HTML script is mainly used as HTML code generator. With these scripts, you can easily generate HTML Form, HTML Table, Bread Crumb Navigation, Multi Level Menu, Category Tree View Code, etc.
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    HTML to docx Converter is a PHP library for converting HTML Web pages to Word documents. The library is a mash-up between PHPWord and the PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser. PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser is used to parse the Web page, while PHPWord will take the extracted data and generate a Word file from it. Microsoft Office is not ...
  2. GithubApi
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    GithubApi_v3 is a PHP script to interact with the GitHub API. As the name hints, the script works with GitHub's latest API version, v3. GithubApi_v3 can be used to interface with the GitHub JSON API from PHP and perform the following actions:- authenticate on GitHub- get user details- get a list of issues- close an issue- add a new issue- ...
  3. CSS Parser
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    CSS Parser is a PHP script for parsing CSS code. It reads CSS code and transforms it into a PHP array. From this array, other applications can extract and/or use the CSS information needed from a page or stylesheet. A few examples are included with the download package to get the developer started with his own implementations.
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    Stripe PHP bindings is a PHP library for interacting with the Stripe API. Stripe is an online service for handling online money transactions. This library wraps the Stripe API and allows PHP developers to interact with Stripe's service. It supports features like service authentication, account management, money transfers, invoices, customer details, pricing plans, coupons, error handling, refunds and many other ...
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    Pattern Primer is a PHP script to embed and preview code snippets. It reads a folder for HTML files containing code snippets and embeds them into one single page. On the left, the result is shown, while on the right side the source code is displayed raw inside a textarea, ready to be copied or shared with other users. A ...
  6. Easy Contact-Form
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    Easy Contact-Form is a simple PHP contact form which can be easily embedded in any page for allowing users to get in touch via email. Extremely easy to setup, will be running in a few minutes. Of course, the form's skin is customizable via CSS/HTML. Requirements:- PHP's mail() function enabled
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    RogePHP is a collection of PHP scripts that allow you to perform common web functions easily and quickly without all the hasle of setting up other web frameworks. It use as much or as little as you like with no need for "Installing" modifying your include path. It's designed for high trafic environments with millions of page views per day.MySQL ...
  8. Submission Script
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    Submission Script is a simple PHP contact form script, which comes packed with a data validation system that triggers errors when fields are not filled in properly. A demo is included with the download package. The default contact form contains a name, email and message fields. All labels are moved inline, as placeholders. A customizable success screen is also provided, ...
  9. SourceQuery
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    SourceQuery is a PHP script for querying Valve's Source game engine. It can be used in PHP websites or apps to get details from a server running on the Source engine. Just supply it with an IP and port. Can fetch details like:Number of slotsOnline playersNumber of botsCurrent mapMod nameServer nameSteam Application IDServer's OSIf the server is password protectedServer protocol ...
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    HIOX Support Form Mailing is a free support form script and this free utility software is developed using php and javascript. With this utility you can provide a Support page in your web site. Meanwhile, customers can mail their support using this script. Features of HIOX Support Form Mailing:- Web Based customer support Form Mail script- Configurable Look and Feel ...
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    lib_autolink is a PHP library for linkifying URL strings which takes a raw text URL string and converts it into an actual URL (adds the anchor HTML tag to it, with the string as the href attribute). URL strings already linkified are ignored.
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    CSSfix is a script automatically apply vendor prefixes to specified CSS rules. And it also applies other fixes, for different CSS browser specifics.
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    PHP Form Builder is a Windows app for creating web PHP contact forms. It is not a script, but an installable app that adds a nice interface for rendering PHP-powered contact forms that can be then integrated into any live website. Features of PHP Form Builder:- A powerful, yet easy to use, dynamic form creation application- Unlimited number of forms- ...
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    Larrys Form Generation is a php script which can create HTML forms using jQuery for validation. It can generate HTML for different types of form elements like inputs, labels, form start and end sections. Meanwhile, the generated HTML includes JavaScript that can validate the form inputs either when the inputs are changed or the form is submitted. The validation can ...
  15. Slideshare HTML
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    Slideshare HTML is a PHP script to get custom embed codes for Slideshare presentations. It works by scraping the mobile site version for a presentation and putting together a custom embed code (via an iframe). This script uses YQL for scraping and conversion. Meanwhile, a working version is included with the download package.
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