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    BMI Calculator is a simple class that can compute the body mass index of a person given his/her height and weight.BMI Calculator displays a table that shows the body mass index for the given height and weight and tells it corresponds to a person with low weight, normal weight or over the normal weight.The calculations assume that the height is ...
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    BioR is a simple script for calculating a personal biorhythm values given the birth date and the date of a given day of life. The (most common) theory of biorhythm states that our daily lives are significantly affected by simple rhythmic cycles.When we are born, three cycles begin from zero point and then oscillate between -100 and 100 till we ...
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    Symptoms-and-diseases-database (SADDB) is a web/intranet application written in PHP that can be used as a database for storing patients data, diseases, and symptoms. Most of the code of SADDB was automatically generated by AppGini, a web application generator that you can find more about at For details on installing and using SADDB, please read the included README file.
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