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PHP Graph & Chart script provides an interactive drawing and diagramming solution to render graph visualization, anaylsis and layout.
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    SVGraph takes a bi-dimensional array of data that defines the name of each group of bars that will appear spaced horizontally, and the values of each bar that define the height of each bar in its group.Several parameters, such as the width and height of the graph, legends titles, the scaling factors and the bar colors, can be configured.Requirements: PHP ...
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    Oekaki is the Japanese word for "scribble" or "doodle". Oekaki Java applets are commonly seen on the Internet message boards where the users are able to draw using a Web based drawing application hosted by the site. Their drawings are then submitted to the website for showcasing.Oekaki Applet is a package of two classes. OekakiApplet class outputs the HTML code ...
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    Text 3D generates GIF images that present the letters of a text rendered in 3D perspective. The letters are rendered at a given radial distance around a rotation axis.Generating a sequence of images incrementing the rotation and radius values can be used for generating frames that present the text with an interesting animation effect.The text is rendered using standard truetype ...
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    PSLib is a PHP library for generating PostScript files for the PHP free scripting language. It offers an easy way of generating PostScript text and graphics with (so far) limited support for drawing. Call PSlib functions from within your PHP script and voila: dynamic PS files! The functions should be quite self-explainable and somehow mimic the well known proprietary PDFlib ...
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    A text representing the progress reached so far in percentage is displayed on the progress bar image. Mi Barra can be configured to choose the colors and the TrueType font used to display the bar image.Requirements: PHP GD extension
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    Logo class implements a full-featured interpreter of the Logo programming language. It generates graphical output in the form of a Shockwave Flash movie.
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    The graph can display one or more data sets in user defined colors. The font size, font color background color, spacing between sets of bars, labels, and y-axis tick marks are all set by the user.To use Bar Graph some information needs to be collected, such as the data, labels and the image dimensions. While the thickness and height of ...
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    The colors, size and legends of the chart that get displayed, can be customized. Pie Graph uses the PHP GD2 extension for generating an image of the chart in the PNG format.Requirements: - PHP 3.0 or higher - PHP GD2 extension
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    HTML Graph provides means to define the value, color and label of each bar. HTML unordered lists and CSS is used to generate the whole graphic and configure presentation details.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    HTML Chart is easy to use and does not use the GD library.
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    Several presentation details such as the chart colors can be configured before generating the image in PNG format.
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    Gauge can draw a graphic of a circular gauge like the cars fuel gauge with a pointer that indicates the current position of a given parameter value relative to given scale.By default Gauge uses a scale from 0% to 100% and draws a red arc at 50% a yellow arc at 80% and a green arc at 100%. It is ...
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    PHP Draw takes a string with commands that define the graphic primitives to be drawn in an image. Several commands are currently supported: right, left, up, down, ellipse, filledellipse, filledarc, rectangle, polygon, color, x, y, pixel, fontsize, text and file.The main class interprets the drawing commands by calling separate classes that draw the requested graphic primitives in an image. The ...
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    Bubble class generates and displays images in the JPEG format that represent bubble charts. It can be useful to show the positioning of subjects (such as companies, products, people, organizations, teams and so on) face to 2 qualities (classified according to a semantic scale) at time.The width of the bubble allows to represent a third quality of the subject: this ...
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    Color RGB can also handle color converting. It handles colors from Hex and RGB.
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