PHP Graph & Chart

PHP Graph & Chart script provides an interactive drawing and diagramming solution to render graph visualization, anaylsis and layout.
  1. Bar Chart Creator
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    Bar chart will allow you to create a chart with your own statistical data. It is easier to draw the required graph within a few minutes. Usin this we can able to find the relationship between two statistical data's like(Runs Vs Overs in Cricket).Features of Bar Chart Creator:- Easy to install- Easy to cutomize- No Database Required- Colored graphical bar(random ...
  2. Pie Chart Creator
    394 total visits
    Pie chart will allow you to create a chart with your own statistical data. It is easier to draw the required graph within a few minutes. Using this we can able to find the total quantity occupied by the field. Its also helpful to calculate the percentage of a particular product.Features of Pie Chart Creator:- Easy to install- Easy to ...
  3. HTML Graphs
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    This PHP graph script can be used to create horizontal/vertical bar graphs, progress bars and faders. You can create simple graphs and even grouped bar graphps with legends, add labels, change colors etc. No graphics or graphical libraries required.This script was tested with PHP 4 + 5.
  4. No Screenshot
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    Libchart is a free and easy to use PHP chart script for chart creation. It can be used inside any PHP driven project.Features of Libchart:- Bar charts (horizontal or vertical).- Line charts.- Pie charts.- Single or multiple data sets.- Compatibility with PHP 5.- Easy to study how it works and adapt to every needs.- No external dependency, need only PHP ...
  5. Sparkline PHP Graphing Library
    423 total visits
    Sparkline is a specialized PHP graph library which is designed to create simple, intense, worklike graphics. This PHP script aims to increase the adoption of sparklines on the web by providing a high-quality PHP Sparkline library with the following properties: - Flexible: While Sparkline is not a general-purpose graphing library, we do provide a wide range of options how your ...
  6. PHPGraphLib
    1414 total visits
    PHPGraphLib is a lightweight PHP-based graphing library to create slick PHP Graph for incorporation into a website or application. An object-oriented script has powerful customization features, which allows you to generate the perfect bar, line, stacked bar, or pie graph for any application. Used with dynamic data, PHPGraphLib allows easy visual interpretation of sophisticated data sets. Simply feed PHPGraphLib an ...
  7. Micro Bar Chart
    209 total visits
    A small PHP Chart script designed to display your statistic data in a horizontal bar form. Micro Bar Chart script features for easy to install, you just need to include the file set an array with your data and call a function, the output style can be changed via CSS.
  8. Horizontal Bar Chart
    440 total visits
    This is a PHP Script designed to plot horizontal bar charts and render the charts with HTML Tables. It takes a set of input values and labels and generates HTML to display the values in horizontal bars of widths that represent the input values relative to each other.Customizations can be made to the bar colors, spacing, height and unit of ...
  9. DVD Burn Diagram Maker
    229 total visits
    This PHP script can be used to generate images with a progress bar graphics which looks like the one when burning DVD. It is a powerful PHP graph scripts.It can generate an image with a given size and colors showing a scale that is a progress bar denoting how much has been burned of a disk with given capacity.The image ...
  10. splx_graph
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    This PHP script can be used to generate HTML for presenting different types of polygons in web page given their shape and coordinates in pixels. Splx-graph script can draw individual lines, pixels, rectangles, circles, or any other polygon given it coordinates of its edges. Requirements:- PHP 4.0 or Higher
  11. EstGraph
    353 total visits
    EstGraph is a PHP Graph chart script to generate an image with a text string. It can create image with a given size and render a text inside the image. Text color, background color, text position and font are configurable. The generated photos are saved to a file in JPEG, GIF or PNG formats.Requirements:- PHP 3.0 or Higher
  12. xColor
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    xColor, a PHP graph script can be used to manipulate color values. It is powerful enough to be used in online graphics applications. It can perform several types of operations with colors like:- Merging two colors with a given level the opacity- Invert a color- Complement two colors- Add two colors- Subtract two colors- Multiply two colors- Get the average ...
  13. Graph Plotter
    443 total visits
    Graph Plotter is a Math Graph script for PHP, it can evaluate the given function for a given interval of X and Y variable values and draw lines between the calculated points. This free PHP script can also draw a grid of scale values as well as the X and Y axis. More than one graphic can be rendered in ...
  14. No Screenshot
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    This PHP script takes the coordinates of a set of points and draws lines that minimize the distance to the points using the least square fit PHP algorithm. The generateded graph will be saved to PNG image file. Requirements:- PHP 4.0 or Higher
  15. No Screenshot
    2003 total visits
    EQ Smooth Pie Graph can be used to generate pie charts from a set of input values. The input values consist of bidimensional array that define parameters for each pie in the chart. The pie parameters are the pie color, a label and the pie value. Image generated by this PHO Graph script will be stored in a given file. ...
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