PHP Graph & Chart

PHP Graph & Chart script provides an interactive drawing and diagramming solution to render graph visualization, anaylsis and layout.
  1. CSScharts
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    CSScharts is a PHP script for plotting out CSS-based bar charts. It is a smoother alternative to heavy loading and sometimes over-bloated JS-based charting utilities. Various demos are included with the download package.
  2. Form Solution
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    Form Solution is an open source PHP script for easily building web forms. It eases form development and reduces the time needed to deploy a contact form. Features of Form Solution:- Generates Form Elements- Cleans User Input- Validates and Formats Date and Time Inputs- Contains Variables- Email Contact Form- Inline Documentation
  3. No Screenshot
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    The FreeType project develops free, portable and high-quality software solutions for digital typography. It focus on bringing small, efficient and ubiquitous products.
  4. No Screenshot
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    This is an HTML5-driven sketching utility. Drawing is enabled using the powerful HTML5 canvas utility. Sketches can be saved by users and viewed in a gallery.To have this option, the developer must setup Sketch to use a MySQL backend.
  5. No Screenshot
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    This PHP script reverse engineers your PHP5 code and generates UML script diagrams via the service. Since it is a Command Line Script, it could be easily used in continuous integration tools to generate an automatic documentation. Features of php2yuml:UML:- Classes- Interfaces- Property Visibily- Method Visibility- Generalization, Specification- Dependencies.YUML OPTIONS:- Size- Direction
  6. Driving Directions
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    Driving Directions was designed to give your website a flare! Full printout driving directions, Step by Step turns and it can display in English, French, Spanish, Japanese and German. You'll love how easy Driving Directions is as it is only one file and all you need to do is add your Google Map API Key and the script will work ...
  7. Line Chart Script
    933 total visits
    Line Chart Script is a php chart script that can be used points connected by lines to represent the data series in a graph.Features of Link Chart Script:- Icons or symbol are used in line charts to represent each data point along the line.- Style can be configured optionally.- Database utility is provided.- Easy and simple to use.
  8. Bubble Chart Script
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    Bubble Chart Script can be used to visually represent three data series at once instead of two.It is a free PHP chart script.Features of Bublle Chart Script:- Draws the chart with bubbles representing the value.- Style of the bubble charts can be configured optionally.- Database support is provided.- Download the code and embed into your PHP applications.
  9. PHP Chart Script
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    PHP chart script can creat line or bar charts and graphs. They can be output directly or images files created. Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or Higher- GD Library version 2
  10. googleGraph
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    This is a small PHP chart script to plot line charts. The script is very customizable and can be embedded in any PHP-driven project.Features of googleGraph:- Set line width- Set line chart type- Set line color- Set area color underneath the line- Set chart width and height- Set axis display
  11. Pie Chart Script
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    This is a Pie Chart script using PHP for configuring your numerical data in a circular fashioned graph.Features of Pie Chart script:- In this graphs, datas are divided in a circular sectors proportionately.- Each sector represent a value.- Style of the pie charts can be modified.- Data provides 3D effect.- Database utility is provided.
  12. HTML-Graphs
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    HTML-Graphs is a PHP bar graph and progress bar generator. Use this script to create horizontal / vertical bar graphs, progress bars and faders.You can create simple graphs and even grouped bar graphs with legends, add labels, change colors etc. No graphics or graphical libraries required.Requirements:- PHP 4.0 or Higher
  13. PHP Bargraph Generator
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    PHP Bargraph Generator is a PHP script to loaded using an image tag and generate data based on information added as GET parameters. This script requires at least four files to use. The first is an HTML file which loads the image(of course), the second is the background "bar.png" image which the graph is built on, the third is a ...
  14. TeeChart for PHP Open Source
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    TeeChart for PHP is an Object-Orented Charting component library of PHP. The library is completely written in PHP and ready ot be used in any PHP scripts. Teechart for PHP free Open source version includes the full source code meaning that no loaders have to be used in order to create a Graph on your servers.
  15. Advanced Graphs and Charts Script
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    Advanced Graphs and Charts Script is designed to make it easy for web developers to add dynamically generated graphs and charts into HTML web pages and application. The software is very easy to use and it is perfectly possible to add professional quality real time graphing to web pages / applications within minutes.Requirements:- Run on PHP 4.x, PHP 5.x, PHP ...
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