PHP Graph & Chart

PHP Graph & Chart script provides an interactive drawing and diagramming solution to render graph visualization, anaylsis and layout.
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    Test On Image can be used to render text on a background image. The letters of the text are made of graphics defined by separate image files.The letter image files can be loaded from a configurable directory. This way different text font images can be used.
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    ATextImage can render one or multiple lines of text on images. It can layout one or more groups of lines of text along the image. Each group of text can be aligned at the left, center, or right and top, center, or bottom of the image.Each group of text lines can be rendered with justification to the left, center or ...
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    Gantt Chart Class can be used to generate project planning and progress report Gantt charts. It takes all the definitions of the chart details from associative arrays that are passed to the class constructor function.Gantt Chart Class supports the definition of details of project task groups, initial planned work, adjusted plan, real work done, progress (percentage done), milestones (products/objectives) and ...
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    Data to Graph can be used to generate bar charts from arrays of data. It takes as parameters two arrays that define the values of the bars to display.Data to Graph creates an image with a given width and height, displays the axis values and draws each of the chart bars. The resulting image is store in a server side ...
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    Bond's Math Graph can be used to plot a graphic of a function given its expression. It can evaluate the given function for a given interval of x and y variable values and draw lines between the calculated points.Bond's Math Graph also draws a grid of scale values as well the X and Y axis. More than one graphic can ...
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    Outputs PNG image of only one pixel of a determined color.pxl classes was made for Livejournal and blog purposes: backgrounding with graphics is better than textual one, when writing to blogs.
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    Multigraph aims to provide an efficient, pleasing-to-look at method for producing dot, line, bar and pie charts from given datasets.Multigraph can be invoked through the command line or as an object which creates its own url to be used in an HTML img tag.Please note that you need some Truetype font files for Multigraph to work. Whilst you may use ...
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    Provides basic classes to generate VRML(Virtual Reality Modeling Language) files. Very basic in comparison with java3D API, just for learning purpose.
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    IMGOut can perform several types of image manipulation.Functions of IMGOut:- Load existing image or create new image- Resize an image keeping aspect ratio- Draw a given text with optional glow effect- Serve the processed image in any supported format; it supports GIF and PNG with transparencyIt requires GD 2 library with TrueType font support to provide all the functionality.
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    Barcode128 pattern compute script computes barcode128 pattern.
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    AlternarColor array iterator is a very simple class that iterates over a set (of color codes or names maybe?) and returns the next element in the set on each iteration, coming to first element again. It can be useful for generating listings with rows using alternated colors.AlternarColor array iterator can take an array with an arbitrary number of colors names ...
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    Color is meant to transform color tones using different color representation formats. It can convert a color from a colorspace to another: rgb, hsl, cmy, cmyk, xyz, luv.Color can also transform a color tone to make it brighter or darker by using HSL or LUV (also called YUV) colorspace. This is useful for generating different color tones for to define ...
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    1659 total visits has a built-in database of information about all the colors of the so called 'Web Safe' palette. It can lookup the palette to determine whether a given color is web safe or can also return the RGB components of a web safe color in decimal or hexadecimal representation. It can also lookup a web safe color by name.Currently ...
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    shadowgd enables you to draw GD graphics shapes with drop shadows. You can set the drop shadow's size, direction and color.
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    Image Gerador generates graphic images dynamically.
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