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    IP2Location Geolocation XML Web Service allows instant lookup of Internet visitors geographical locations by IP address.The web service returns country, state, city, latitude, longitude, zip code, ISP and domain name information. Developers can integrate the web service using SOAP protocol and no database installation or update required.Free sample codes available in several programming languages such as ASP, ASP.NET, VB.NET, C#, ...
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    KML Creator can be used to generate mapping features files in the KML format. It provides several classes that abstract different types of map features such as folders, documents, place marks, points, lines, polygons, styles, icons, labels, etc.. The main class can compose a KML document using objects of the map feature classes and generate a KML file either in ...
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    KMLCreator is a PHP class to create KML files. KML is the Google Earth format to present geographical elements like eares, points, lines, polygons.KMLCreator let you create almost every possibities that kml permits to do. Here are the elements available :- Folders : present your datas in folders- Areas, Lines, Polygons and points : every geographical elements are available- Styles ...
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    GoogleMapAPI is a PHP library for the Google Map API. Features of GoogleMapAPI:- auto-geocode lookup,- geocode caching, - add markers and polylines by address or geocode, - enable/disable map features, - add map directions, - add map sidebar.
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    PHP GPS Locator can be used to retrieve information from GPS receivers using the NMEA 0183 protocol. It can connect to a GPS receiver via serial port under Windows or Mac OS X.PHP GPS Locator retrieves and decodes NMEA 0183 protocol messages to obtain GPS information. The retrieved information can be stored in a MySQL database.
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    IP2Location classes can be used to lookup the geographic location of the network of an IP address using IP database files provided by the IP2Location service.IP2Location classes provides functions can lookup the location of an IP address and return location record objects that contain the country, region, city, latitude, longitude, ISP and domain name from IP address.
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    GPS RINEX navigation file parser can be used to parse GPS navigation data message files in the RINEX 2.1 specification format. It can read GPS navigation message data files and extract position information into an associative array class variable.There are also functions parse files uploaded via Web forms and to display the extracted information in an HTML page.
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    geocode can be used to retrieve the geographic coordinates of a location. It may also be used to retrieve Javascript code to display maps of a location using Virtual Earth or Google Maps API.It uses the Geocoding tool of Emad Fanous to retrieve the necessary information by accessing the tool Web site.
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    YahooQuest can be used to generate links to pages in MapQuest and Yahoo!Maps sites that present maps and driving directions for a given address.It takes as parameters the street, city, state, zip code and country of a given address. Then it returns HTML links to the respective pages in MapQuest and Yahoo!Maps about that address.YahooQuest may also redirect the browser ...
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    New USPS Class is an enhanced version of the original class by Adam Globus-Hoenich to provide an interface to use the United States Postal Service's online APIs.New USPS Class adds support to access three new API services: address verification, zip code lookup and city state lookup.
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    Uses geocoding data from to create a customizable Google Map that can be placed on your website in as little as 5 lines of code.
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    DB Country Codes class is meant to store and retrieve country codes and other information in a database.The class extends the DB_Table class create a database table, insert, update and query data about the countries that is initialized using the ianacclister class. It supports all the DBMS supported by DB_Table.
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    PostGIS is a wrapper to execute the stored procedures of the PostGIS package for manipulating objects of a Geographic Information System (GIS) stored in PostgreSQL.Most of the class functions just call PostGIS procedures, but there are also utility functions for instance to import ESRI shapefiles.
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    bbIPtoCountry can determine the country where it is located the network of a given IP address. The class looks up the country code of the IP address in MySQL table with IP ranges.bbIPtoCountry provides a function that populates the IP address range table with information from a CSV file of the IP-to-Ccountry service that may be obtained from the site ...
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    IP2More can lookup related information of the country of the network of a given IP address. It does not need an SQL database server as it uses the ip2country flat file databases to lookup the the IP country and other details like the country ISO 2 and 3 letter codes, FIPS104 code, ISO number, region, capital, currency name and code ...
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