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    GPX Mapper & CMS can be used to generate maps and location files in GPX XML format from information of coordinates of relevant global position points.It uses location coordinate information retrieved from a GPS receiver that have been previously stored in a MySQL database, and generates location files in GPX XML format.GPX Mapper & CMS can also be used to ...
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    An GeoIP country database is being read to associate IP ranges with countries. GeoIP Country Whois Locator looks up a given IP to determine the country associated to the IP range that it belongs.If found, GeoIP Country Whois Locator returns the IP range start and end and the associated country name and code.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    NetGeo IP locator service interface interfaces with the NetGeo service to determine the geographic location of a given IP address or host name.NetGeo IP locator service interface is also capable of calculating the distance between any to locations in the world given their longitude and latitude coordinates.
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    Time Engine can access the Yahoo geocoding API Web server and retrieve the latitude and longitude of a given address.After the geographic coordinates are obtained, Time Engine contacts the GeoNames and retrieves the location time zone.
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    AzDGZIP can query the database to retrieve all the recorded zip codes that are within a radial distance from the location of a given zip code.The location between two specified zip codes can also be calculated.Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    GMapBuilder generates the necessary HTML and Javascript to present the maps of specified locations. It can set the location of the point in the center of the map and the map zoom level.Custom markers that appear at specific locations on the map can also be added. The width, height and additional styles of the map page element can also be ...
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    Zip Codes Range can be used to find all United States zip codes within a given distance range of a given zip code. It queries a zip code database and will return an array of zip codes plus the distance from the original zip code.
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    There is a base class that provides a common API to access Web services that can analyze and determine the definition of a world location and return the associated latitude and longitude.There is one function that takes as parameters the country name, location zip code and optionally the city and state. That function returns an array with the latitude, longitude ...
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    MapPoint PHP API can be used to access Microsoft MapPoint location finding and mapping Web services. It is a port to PHP of the MapPoint API available for ASP.NET.
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    Cities and zip codes can be used to lookup for cities and the respective zip codes.Cities and zip codes uses AJAX to search a file database with cities and the respective zip codes using just the first few letters of the city that the user types in a form text input. The script can submit an AJAX request to find ...
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    Zip Code Range can be used to retrieve a list of United States zip codes within the range a given zip code with an accuracy of about 2 to 5 miles.Zip Code Range is based primarily on Zip Codes Range originally written by Scott Mattocks. This version that uses a more precise distance calculation method.Zip Code Range searches in a ...
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    The HTML and JavaScript code required to display a map inside a page with optional locations marked, is generated.Key Features of Easy Google Map:- Define the map width, height and zoom level- Add one or more marker to locations on the map using their addresses- Use several types of predefined icons and colors to mark locations- Define the information window ...
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    GPS Coordinates Distance takes the latitude and longitude coordinates of two points represented in decimal format and calculates the length of a straight line between them.The distance between points is measured in miles.Requirements:PHP 3.0 or higher
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    Several features, such as points with specified geographic coordinates, lines, polygons, links and overlaid icons, can be added to a KML definition.KML Generator can return the KML definitions as XML document strings or serve them as the output of the current script.Requirements:PHP 3.0 or higher
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    GeoIP API Connector access the GeoIP Web services server and request information about a given IP address. It uses a given API access key.Information such as country, city, region, as well the longitude and latitude coordinates, are returned for each IP address,Requirements:PHP 5.0 or higher
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