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    PHP MIDI Parser is a PHP library for parsing MIDI files. PHP MIDI Parser allows developers to view the internal structure of a MIDI file. The library even allows extracting various meta information for later processing or for using it inside other applications. Requirements:- PHP 5.3 or Higher What's New in This Version:- First version.
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    Chroma Corners is a ployfill to support rounded corners in older browsers. Created especially for IE browsers (6, 7 and 8), Chroma Corners uses an HTC file to properly recreate the rounded corners effect, as seen in regular browsers that support this property. Chroma Corners works with solid colors, gradients and even image backgrounds. A sample and usage instructions are ...
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    Rounded PHP is a PHP library for drawing round corners on graphic elements. It can render anti-aliased rounded corners in a determined image format (GIF, PNG, JPG). These images can then be used for drawing various shapes with rounded corners. It's main purpose was to help IE6 and other non-compliant browsers render CSS3's border-radius property. Nevertheless, the library can be ...
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    Placemaker is a collection of PHP scripts for RSS and content geocoding. It provides geo-enrichment for the hugely significant proportion of Web content that is geographically relevant but not geographically discoverable. It is a geo-extraction and indexing tool designed to help determine the 'whereness' of a document or atomic unit of text. Multiple working demos are included with the download ...
  5. php.SimpleGeo
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    php.SimpleGeo is a PHP script for simple geo-location features. Based on the user's location, the script will show a simple flag, country's 2 letter code and the country name. The script does not use a special database file, is very standard and comes with simple usage instructions. An example is also included with the download package. What's New in This ...
  6. GeoIP PHP API
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    GeoIP PHP API is a script working with GeoIP itself, and with the GeoLite open source databases. These are three methods of querying the GeoIP databases from PHP. They come as a Pear, Pecl and pure PHP implementation. The easiest to setup is the Pure PHP API. The setup for the high performance PHP extension and mod_geoip APIs is more ...
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    Geobaza PHP API is a PHP API for the Geobaza geolocation database and a tool for converting an IP address into geographical coordinates. The API basically allows developers to make IP-location queries from PHP-based apps and websites, to a Geobaza database.Requirements:- PHP 5 or Higher- Geobaza
  8. McMaps
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    McMaps is a collection of PHP scripts for reading and writing Minecraft maps. Meanwhile, coming packed with lots of features for manipulating Minecraft maps.Features of McMaps:- Set any image to a map- Write books- Automatically word-wrap- Automatically hyphenate- Automatically generate multiple numbered pages
  9. Geo Redirect
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    Geo Redirect is a WordPress plugin for redirecting users to custom URLs based on their origin country. It can be used to switch site language according to their country. A backed interface is provided for adding redirection rules.Requirements:- WordPress 3.0 or HigherWhat's new in this version:- New stable improved release.- Added Static URL redirect option.- More friendly user interface.Installation:- Unpack ...
  10. IP To Country Lookup PHP Script
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    This is a IP to country Lookup PHP script which can find the country and host info for an IP address. Features include showing host lookup, country name, 2 letter country code, and country flag image. Includes links to more lookups such as Spammer and Blacklists, and Regional whois servers. Features of IP to Country Lookup PHP script:- Find the ...
  11. GoogleMapsGeocoder
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    This PHP Script is a wrapper around the Google Maps Geocoding API. It is a PHP 5 object-oriented interface to the Google Maps Geocoding Service, allowing various queries and results retrieval operations. GoogleMapsGeocoder can fetch results in KML, CSV, XML and JSON format. The code is very well commented and easyt to understand.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or Higher
  12. Nearby Places Plugin
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    This is a PHP geography scripts can find places of interest near by a given location.It can send an HTTP request to the Google Maps API Web server to get the geographic coordinates of a location given by city, region and country.The script then sends another HTTP request to the API Web server to retrieve the relevant places near ...
  13. Country list
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    Country list is a PHP geography script which can be used to retrieve country lists for select form inputs. It can return the country name of a given country code, as well get the country code associated to a given country name.The script can also generate HTML for select form input to let users choose a country from the list ...
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    Ip2Country i s designed to determine the location of a user by detecting its IP. This PHP script can utilize Software77 IPToCountry database file, breaking it down into multiple smaller files for quicker access. the CSV was broke down into smaller byte-size PHP arrays. And IPs are now compared as floats not strings.This is a PHP script to determine the ...
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    ABG_IPDetails can get information about IP address from It can send an HTTP request to the Web services API to query information about a given IP address, like country, state, city, latitude, longitude, time zone, etc..The PHP script parses the response and returns all the details about the IP address in an array. It may also resolve host ...
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