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    The Merchant is a web based space RPG and strategy game where you can move around a vibrant universe either trading, hunting, or simply exploring the vastness of everything. The Merchant is powered by PHP and MySQL. The Merchant 2.2 contains many new features and bug fixes that contribute to gameplay. The overall atmosphere in the game is a lot ...
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    San Andreas - Multi Theft Auto Server Query is a simple class that can query San Andreas: Multi Theft Auto game servers to retrieve publicly available information.The class returns an array that contains the information provided by the server: host name, mods, version, players, pings, etc..
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    ff4aSave can be used to alter of Final Fantasy IV Advance save game files. This is meant for the United States version of the game but it may work for the Japanese version.ff4aSave supports:- Saving banks 1-3 (0-2 in the class)- All 13 characters- Name, HP, MP, XP, Strength, Agility, Stamina, Intellect and Spirit on individual characters- Inventory (on hand ...
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    Quake3 is a utilityclass (PHP4 only) to do serverstatus-queries against Quake3Arena servers.
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    Add stylish dice to your online game web site for free! The dice load as a single image, with random dice values chosen each time the page is reloaded. Perfect for online game web sites. Online Game Dice is simple to install, even if you're just starting to learn how to build web sites.
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    A utilityclass (PHP4 only) to do serverstatus-queries against Halflife/Counterstrike servers.
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    RCD script was made following some informations given during a stage in a lab. Basically, it can calculate a number of parameters, with a number of given arguments.At the moment, it can calculate the half-life of a group of atoms given the age and the current activity, the age of a group of atoms using the half-life and their activity, ...
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    ELO Calculator is a small class that uses the ELO rating system to compute game players skill levels in two player games. Although the ELO rating system has been used for chess or go, the formula works for any two player or two-clans matches.
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    Source RCON Class implements a TCP based client that acts as a remote console - RCON - class for sending commands to control game variables of Counter-String Source and other games using a Source Dedicated Server - SRCDS.
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    Counter-Strike Source Query is meant to be used to query a Counter-Strike: Source game server. It retrieves server information, the players currently connected to the server and the server rules.An example script is included to show how the data can be output to the user.
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    Metal Mech is a free fully web-based mass multiplayer game of battle between robots and space exploration. It is a game of strategy, economic, role-playing and combat. Each player can handle own war robot and battle against other players to be the Emperor of the Universe. Players war against each other for resources, energy, money, buildings and other.In the game ...
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    If you want to spice up your Animal Crossing site, or just want to add something special to your gaming site, you can add some fun, or perhapse spoil it for people with the Animal Crossing Code Project.Animal Crossing Code Project (PHP port) contains the PHP version of the Code Generator and Decoder, originally made in C++ by MooglyGuy. However, ...
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    Features of WebLeague: - automated updating of standings, profile, statistics and played games pages the very moment a game is reported; - easy sign up and report forms; - easy to use admin panel that lets you configure the look of WebLeague and the league itself. What's New in version 2 WebLeague: - choose a type of league: points based, ...
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    CzarQuery is made to retrieve information from a Half-Life server about who is playing, what mod it is running, and what map the server is currently playing. This script has been tested with and includes map pictures for the following mods: Counter-Strike, Day of Defeat, Natural Selection, Team Fortress Classic, and Action Half-Life. This script will work with other mods, ...
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    A free Web-based Chess game with an online chat feature for opponents to communicate with each other. PHP Chess was developed using PHP4 and MySQL 3.23.18.
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